Thank you all, for a wonderful day!

Offerings in the Classroom
Sampoerna Values

Pedro and I had a brilliant day yesterday visiting the Sampoerna Academy in Singaraja.

Some of the Lovely Students

Pedro works for the Putera Sampoerna Foundation here in Jakarta, so we were both delighted to have the opportunity to visit the Sampoerna Academy in Bali and say ‘hello’. It was a great chance to meet the administrative staff, teachers and children, and to tell them all about the new university that is being created here in Jakarta. It was also really fun to hear, and learn all about what they are doing in Bali at the Academy.

Fresh Flowers on the Table

Singaraja is located in the north of Bali, and the two hour drive there, and back, from where we were staying near Ubud, is worth a blog in itself, as it was a fabulous trip. However, today I want to focus on our visit, and the wonderful welcome that we received from the staff and the students, and to tell you all about the school.

More Lovely Students
Flip Flops outside the Dormitory

The Academy at Singaraja has been going for just over a year and is sited on what used to be an old agricultural college. Just 300 metres from the sea, it is set in the most wonderful location and is very peaceful. The 85 students are all on full scholarship from the Foundation and all the student’s board. (I am attaching a link to the Putera Sampoerna Foundation, so that you can understand more fully why it is so special).


When Pedro and I arrived, we had the most fabulous welcome. Fresh flowers were laid on the table and coffee and water brought to us, which was great after a long early morning drive through the mountains. After our introduction to the school we were invited to meet the students. I don’t think Pedro had any idea that he would be teaching for an hour or so, but boy, was it fun!! The kids were wonderful! Happy, smiling, and full of questions. They exuded a confidence that was very humbling, especially since English is not their first language, and they were so eager to learn, and so excited, that we both felt privileged to be a part of their day.

Our Rabbit Ceramic Gift

After 3 hours, it was time to leave, but we both hope very much, that we can return again, and again, and again, to see the Academy on Bali and to make connections for the future. 

Pedro and I are passionate about the project here in Indonesia, and want to make a difference.

And last, but not least, Pedro and I would like to thank Dika Pratiwi for the beautiful Ceramic Rabbit that we took home with us yesterday. Dika, your gorgeous Rabbit is now on display in our apartment in Jakarta. THANK YOU X

10 thoughts on “Thank you all, for a wonderful day!

    1. Yuli, thank you for your lovely message 🙂
      We really had a wonderful day with you and the children. We have been
      thinking about you all a lot! and we miss you too
      We will see you soon!

      Lottie 😉 X


    1. THANK YOU!! 🙂
      It was great to meet you all and we will see you soon!
      You made us both feel so welcome – we thought the kids were great!
      We will keep in touch and see you soon 😉


  1. Woowww, it’s wonderfull article Lottie. You are praising us too much, thank you. Can not wait for your visitation (Pete n You) to SA-BALI again. Hopefully,in that time you can bring our mushroom as a present.

    warmest regards,


    1. Agus, it was great to meet you! THANK YOU! Pete and I have been thinking of the school so much and we hope we can all meet again soon.
      We will bring mushroom!
      Lottie 😉


  2. I can’t stop smiling while reading the article, Lottie! So sad that I could only accompany you and Pete for 1 hour. Really hope seeing you again in the near future :))

    Warmest Regards,


    1. Ah Tris, what a lovely message, thank you! We will see you all very soon.
      Pete and I are so happy to have made contact with you and the students at SA Bali and we will come and visit again soon.
      I tried to email you twice, but I think I may have got your email address wrong :(( so sorry
      Take care and lets all keep in touch
      Lottie X


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