A Short Walk In The Chaos And Rush

Farjar telephoned this morning to say he was sick, very sick ‘with stomach’. My heart went out to him knowing full well what he was going through and I wished him a speedy recovery and said that I hoped that he felt better very soon.

Since I’ve returned from the States, I’ve started a healthful, fat busting, regime called ‘Now you see my muffin top, but soon you won’t’ or the snappier version ‘Watch that muffin disappear’ which personally I like better but could easily get confused with me actually eating a muffin and send mixed messages out to fellow dieters which wouldn’t do at all. On the NYSMMTBSYW diet, I’ve started experimenting and making lots of different juices. Bearing in mind that I may contract some terrible Hepatitis out here by eating raw fruit and veg, this may be somewhat counterproductive to what I’m trying to achieve in the health stakes but I’m prepared to risk life and liver and am giving it a whirl anyway. I have come up with something sensational. It’s not new or original but it’s absolutely delicious and I IMPLORE any of you that have a juicer to take it out from the back of the cupboard, hose the dust of it and get cracking with this one. 3 oranges, 3 apples, 3 large carrots and a one-inch piece of root ginger. Pulse, pulse, pulse, away and Bob’s your Uncle, you have 2 glasses of positively orgasmic juice.

Now, the only problem with this particular regime is that it requires a lot of fresh produce and as I have the appetite of an elephant, I am currently eating in the region of one field of broccoli, half a ton of carrots, an entire orange grove and an orchards worth of apples a day. This means some serious shopping. With supplies bought at the start of the weekend getting perilously low, and Farjar out of action and spending his day on the lavatory, it meant that a walk to the supermarket was in order this afternoon. At least by having to walk there, and then back with the groceries, it meant that I was limited to only being able to buy what I could physically carry back home which let’s face it, is probably a blessing in disguise.

It was particularly hot today at 35 degrees and 85% humidity but nothing was going to come between me, and the next ton of greens and fruit necessary for my juiceathon. I set off camera in hand and this is my journey in pictures.

5 thoughts on “A Short Walk In The Chaos And Rush

  1. Oh, yes, I need to be on the muffin-top disappearing diet myself. It’s almost past a muffin and turning into a full cake. Now with quitting smoking, I have to be extra careful. Love these photos, but I have to say, Jakarta seems kinda dirty, or maybe it was just the area?


    1. You make me laugh! full blown cake!!
      I love Jakarta, but it is dirty and no wonder with over 10,000,000 people living here. London’s not the cleanest of cities either, especially compared to all the places that I’ve visited in the States which all seemed immaculate in comparison. Try the nicotine gum Amberr, that’ll keep you busy chomping for a while! 😉 ….full blown cake! I love it!


  2. I love your photos!!! I have never been there but by seeing these photos, it seems like an interesting place. But like the other commenter said above, that place looks dirty! But from what you said about eating in the region of one field of broccoli, half a ton of carrots, an entire orange grove and an orchards worth of apples a day, it sounds like this place produces a whole lot of fresh produces everyday! This is a great resource to have. How are the prices on their fruits and vegetables? What are the people like there? I see a lot of cars, buses and mopeds on the roads there. Do they have a problem with pollution in the air because of all those transportation vehicles on the road? This place seems very crowded.


  3. Hi Natasha! Jakarta is a great place, but busy busy busy and yes, lots of pollution unfortunately and it is very dirty. Over 10 million people live here and many of them in slums. There is a lot of poverty and overcrowding. Indonesians are some of the happiest and most smiling people I have ever met and they have a great sense of humour.
    There are the most wonderful fruit and vegetables here and they are very cheap and easy to get hold of. Spices and herbs abound and the plant life outside of the city is sensational.
    Do make a trip if you can to Indonesia some day, you won’t be disappointed especially if you go to the islands like Bali or Lombok. We live on Java which is the main Island.
    Thank you for your lovely comments and for stopping by and reading my blog
    Lottie 🙂


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