12 thoughts on “75 x 55 Centimetres

  1. Thanks Amberr. This is causing major problems…. damn shit bugger ….*********** , $$ @ ????
    I’ve spent 3 hours trying to sort it. BTW if you do have 2070 euros to spare it would be great!! 😉


    1. No, that’s not fun if you’re freezing but great in the summer. I think you use oils which are so much nicer… I’m going to buy some oils as soon as I find a proper space to paint.


  2. If I did not live on the other side of the globe 90% I would continue this silly banter endlessly and have several laughs while doing it. But while I am on this side of the woods I have no one else to bug at these hours so I shall enjoy it for at least another day.

    I too like the messiness of the oils but being a control freak with an amazingly large ego they make me feel small and less in charge…talk about artistic sensibilities.


    1. damn, i’ve been out for the evening otherwise I could have sent a slippery retort back immediately……
      feel small and less in charge? that sounds terrible….I thought you said you had a large ego?
      Confused from Jakarta (22.10 local time)


  3. You should’nt be, I think your work is great and I’m sure others do too. this painting of mine, is the first time i’ve picked up a paint brush in about 5 years. As I hit the ‘publish’ button i wondered if it was an act of folly or masochism.
    I know just what you mean about oils, but the fumes give me a sort of high and make me paint in a much looser, less uptight way.


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