How Would Mr Hockney Paint This?

I’ve spent the last two days absorbed, and totally transfixed by the colours of the garden in Bali. The worn yellow ochres of the walls, volcanic blacks and greys of the paving stones. Flowers, whose names I don’t yet know, livid red and flame bright orange. The Papal purples of the newly planted orchids in the avocado trees. Splendidly garish, the red and yellow of the flamboyant heliconia. Then the multiple pastel shades of the bougainvillea, salmon pinks, various lilacs.  The greens, so many shades and hues of green surrounding the brilliant cobalt of the pool.

My project is to capture the colours outside and reflect them into the house via fabrics, paint, ceramics, furniture, the various bits and pieces that make it home. I don’t have a big budget to play around with which is a blessing as it means that I can’t just rush off to Seminyak to some overpriced furniture store and buy something in haste. I’ve got to be patient, bide my time, search around, ask people, all the while thinking about what will go where and how it will look. This is the first time in years that I’ve been in a position to add my creative flair to a place and it makes me very happy.

Depending on the time of day and the weather, the colour spectrum can change quite radically. Midday is my favourite time when everything is so bright, and the colours so exaggerated. When I was at art school we were harshly critisized for using paint ‘straight out of the tube’.  I would argue that the colours at midday seem  to be just that. Vivid, pure, freshly squeezed.

My thoughts turned to painting over the weekend but I haven’t yet bought my paints over from Jakarta. The rolls of canvas are all in situ, and a few brushes, but the paints will have to wait for another trip. I had a little fantasy about Matisse and Hockney. How would they paint this place?  Beautifully I’m sure.

<iframe width=”560″ height=”315″ src=“

I then remembered that Hockney is genius at using the Brushes app on ipad. I’ve never done a picture on the ipad before, but when I had finished I went to show it to the Irishman. The Irishman is a real artist; he’s sold his work to some famous people. He’s very talented. He looked at the picture and then said to me ‘Go and do a 100 of these and then when you’ve done your 101st, come back and show me again’

13 thoughts on “How Would Mr Hockney Paint This?

    1. Thank you Maria! As you can see I am pretty excited about living in Indonesia! There are so many things that interest me here. I’m a bit like a kid in a candy store, I’m not sure what I love best about it, it’s all so different and new to me.


      1. well, you’re welcome.. and welcome to Indonesia..A kid in a candy store? wow, that’s interesting..I hope you’ll enjoy it and find what impressed you most.


  1. I think you’re doing a fine job. I can only paint blobs. Those colors are gorgeous, and you really make me want to see Jakarta. Hope all is well in your world…it’s been chaotic and hectic in mine.


    1. Thank you Amberr. I can see from your Fbk that life is hectic and mad for you at the moment and I sympathise because I know full well what it’s like. You are doing a grand job Lovely, and I applaud you. That app on your post today was great btw, I just wish that I had a ‘grown up’ phone here so I could upload it 🙂


  2. I try and try to paint my two favourite flowers, hibiscus and bouganveillia.

    The later works well in water colour as i can “sort of” get the translucence. However, my hibiscus never seem bright enough, and i agree at noon the colours nearly burn out your retina.

    However, my hibiscus phallic stamen would make a bajan blush


    1. Yes, there are a lot of phallic stamens in this part of the world.

      You can get a really beautiful translucence with high viscosity acrylic paint. Have a whirl and see what you think? You’ll get the brightness and depth of colour that you are missing with watercolours. They are much easier to use than oils. I think that you will love them! Get a mix of high and low viscosity and play around a bit.

      I love your paintings B.


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