A Love Letter In The Sand


8 thoughts on “A Love Letter In The Sand

  1. 🙂 xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx a work of art Lottieness I love and miss you too. Pedroc


    1. 🙂 xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx back!! Glad you like it! I soon realised once I’d got to the beach, that there is an optimum time for making sand drawings, and this wasn’t one of them! You need that lovely bit of beach that is still wet, but not too wet from the outgoing tide. I had to keep scraping with my flip flops to get the sand the right consistency to be able to write, whilst all the time the tide was coming in fast and lapping around my ankles threatening to do away with my love letter to you. I do love you very much, but you know that already.


  2. Oh Lottie,
    What a grand romance you are living! I love your sand poetry and grafix! Can I come down and sketch in the sand with you sometime too?! Sanur beach or ??


  3. Now that is Romantic. When my husband and I lived (briefly) on different continents we sent (numerous!) little pictures to each other. Somehow the photos eased the ache of missing one another better than words alone.


    1. That sounds very romantic too. I just had this idea to do something a little different. I had a whole idea in my head of how it would look but when I went down to the beach there wasn’t enough wet sand to do it as I had hoped. I might try again as I can feel some work coming on with this one!
      It’s tough being away from someone you love especially if you are with them pretty much all of the time and love their company. It sounds like you guys are the same 🙂


  4. I think my heart just melted all over the floor — how absolutely sweet!!! The hubz & I have little romantic “things” we say or write to each other, stuff that only we “get”, but a love letter in the sand is above & beyond. Hoping you two kids can be together again soon! 🙂


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