Pancoran: Jakarta Selatan. Then And Now


Pancoran in the 1950’s

And Pancoran today.


Oh how things have changed!

9 thoughts on “Pancoran: Jakarta Selatan. Then And Now

    1. Not if you want to get anywhere in a hurry. Progress would be sorting out an efficient modern public transport system, relieving the choking, congested and grid locked roads of so many cars. This would also help with the pollution problem as well. I smiled when I saw how blue the sky was in the first picture. It’s rare to ever get a blue sky in Jakarta as an umbrella of toxic cloud hangs over it pretty much all of the time. Well it certainly does from where I’m sitting.


    1. It’s hell on earth, no joke. Something needs to be done about it and quickly. It makes life so difficult for everyone. I feel really sorry for the people that have to commute in from the suburbs as it adds hours to their working day just getting to and from home.


    1. Your are not alone IK! That picture is unrecognisable now apart from the statue which is still there. There is a huge flyover built just next to it and a massive roundabout underneath with about 20 lanes of traffic converging from all angles. So many people wear masks to protect them from the fumes or cover their mouths with tissues whilst waiting for buses or sat on the back of bikes. Not good.


  1. My hubz drives an hour each way to & from work. The only good part of the drive for him is being able to listen to audio books. Killer on gas, his body, & our lives. Can’t wait till he’s able to work closer to home.

    The difference between those two images is simply astounding, & profoundly sad. 😦


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