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I’m not generally someone who nags, it’s not really my style but sometimes it has to be done. When I met Pete 3 years ago, he showed me photographs of paintings that he’d sold in the 90’s, silk screen prints that he’d made for EMI as album covers, and a whole load of other seriously fantastic work . I begged him to start making work like that again and he said that he didn’t want to. I changed tack and started to nag him, and nag him and nag him. And now it’s paid off. Can I keep him away from his studio? No I can’t! Am I happy with the fruits of my nagging? YOU BET I AM!

studio nevin

Bali House Paintings. For 2 decades Pete Nevin sold paintings to Rock Stars, European Royalty, Collectors world wide, museums, then in the 90’s he decided to never paint again but now he is going back on his word!



2 Bali Paintings

This painting from Lotus Cafe Garden Ubud

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