Jakartan Beauty: Butterfly

I got up early this morning and was painting by 7am. By 9.30am I’d got to the point where I needed to step back from it a bit and have a breather. The apartment is very hot and airless but we are lucky in that there is a pool out in the garden area for the residents. My intention is to try and do between 30-50 lengths a day, but I’d be telling you a whooping great lie if I said that I actually did, it’s more like twice a week because I’m a lazy sloth when it comes to exercise. Anyway this morning during my break from  painting I went down to the pool and started to do the laps. Up and down, up and down, and then suddenly I noticed a huge butterfly land in some bamboo at the other end of the pool. I hadn’t bought my phone down with me but as it seemed to have settled I thought that I’d risk getting out of the pool, run back inside the building, grab the lift, run into the apartment, grab my phone and dash downstairs again and out into the garden. A crazy idea because it’s a 6 minute round trip and no guarantees that the butterfly would still be there.

BUT IT WAS! and here are some pictures of it taken with my phone. The reason that I was so excited about this particular beauty was not only is it very stunning, but it’s the largest that I’ve seen with a wingspan of nearly 4 inches.

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