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Please no freaking, especially you guys in London. Banana leaves are wonderful (though I realise pretty hard to find outside of the Tropics) but they are not life and death in this recipe so don’t despair, they are used here as a readily available vehicle to steam anything. If you can’t find a banana leaf, use Bacofoil, or greaseproof paper instead. Think ‘en papillote’ and if that still freaks you out, think Barbeque. A different taste experience, but still utterly delicious. It really doesn’t matter just so long as you marinade the meat/fish beforehand for around 30 minutes minimum. If you are going down the barbeque route, I’d be tempted to add more lemongrass to the marinade mix. (but then if you read my ABOUT BALI KITCHEN, maybe not) I can find all of these ingredients in London in Soho, otherwise please find a ‘specialist shop’ within a 50 mile…

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