I love it when then Irishman talks about this particular period in his childhood. His early life was not all sunshine and roses, but the years when he lived on a farm in Staffordshire strike me as the happiest part of his life when he was growing up and the one to which he refers back to most often when regaling me with stories about his childhood years.

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This was the first page:

Honorific Angels

I was a farm boy, Dicken with ragged trousers and muddy knees. I had a menagerie of animal accomplices my favourite being Stink the ferret, he could be relied on to bite my uncles, attaching himself to assorted fingers as if to delight me with his prowess in that field of endeavor. Clack the crow could shit on my friends whenever the fancy took him and my two homing pigeons flew home never to be seen again. Stink 2 was the runt of the litter and survived long enough to sink his teeth into the priests wellies along with the fleshy part of his leg, not recommended when pig heaven was only a few months away.  I often set off from home to make my way in the world with my motley crew only to be returned by Sergeant Rolfe an exasperated policeman…

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  1. Now I want to read “Ferrets A History” and “Cows Have Two Stomachs”! And what a great title for a blog post!

    Lottie, please pass on my comment above. I can’t figure out why, but for some reason opening your Irishman’s blog freezes my laptop. I’ve tried using Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, and Firefox. I’m seriously bummed, because I think his blog is amazing! 😦


    1. Darling Girl, I have passed on your lovely comment and he is beaming as I write this. I totally agree – getting onto his blog is a nightmare. I think the trouble is that he has SO many videos on it and links that it just can’t cope. It took me about 30 minutes just to re-blog the above so you have all my sympathy!
      With regards to the title ‘I wrote a book called Honorific Angels’ that is really what he did dream last night – great title I agree. 🙂


      1. I’ve twisted the Irishmans arm and he has now paid for an upgrade so that he has more space on his blog….give it a whirl, it seems to be working better from this end.


    1. YAY! I think I am a VERY clever wife for remembering that WP have that upgrade thingy! I’m so glad it’s worked! worth every penny not to have to wait 5hrs to read his blog each time. Hope you enjoy it, he has some very cool and interesting stuff on there. 🙂


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