A Week In The Life Of A Mermaid

13 thoughts on “A Week In The Life Of A Mermaid

    1. Yes, the Mermaid found herself working up quite a thirst. Must have been all that sea air and salt 🙂 Not sure what her excuse will be now she’s back on dry land but I’m sure she’ll find one….Oh I know going back to the UK for 2 weeks and English pubs WOO HOO!


  1. Your pictures are absolutely gorgeous! It really makes Indonesia look lovely.

    I have a question for you, if I may, about living in Indonesia. My husband is a pilot, and is looking to apply to a job in Indonesia. We’d be living there for 2 years. I’m willing to put up with the crowds, and the heat, and the humidity, and the less-than-Western infrastructure, but I am a bit worried about something. You see, neither of us fit the 6 approved religions (he’s Deist, and I’m Agnostic Atheist) and I don’t want to end up going to jail like the gentleman who posted “God does not exist” on his facebook page and ran afoul of their blasphemy laws. How strictly enforced is the law? How much will it apply to people who aren’t citizens?

    I’d love the opportunity to live abroad for awhile, but an Indonesian prison isn’t really what I had in mind.


    1. Hello Antigone, thanks for stopping by and for your lovely comment about the photos.

      How exciting that you may be coming to live in Indonesia. I think that as long as you keep the right side of the law and are respectful of Indonesians and their culture and customs then you should be ok. The same can be said for anywhere that one might travel in the world, respect for the country that you are staying in is key.

      If you read the Jakarta Post and the Jakarta Globe (on-line) it will keep you up to speed with Indonesian news and politics and hopefully give you a better feel for the place.

      Good luck with your plans, Lottie 🙂


  2. Hello Lottie,
    Nice to see all those photos. We really have to go to Bali soon. Have you been to the Lotus Cafe in Ubud? It is supposed to be one of the first ten best restaurants in the world.
    Thank you for your kind words about the story of the Cod liver oil dramas so many years ago.


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