Fish Market, Jimbaran. Bali

You’ve been spared a rant today. It was going to be my first official on-line rant ever, and I was getting geared up and really looking forward to it until I realised that it’s Saturday. Saturdays are not rant days in my book, Monday – Friday yes, but Saturday no, Sunday no.

So, rather than clambering up onto my cyber soap box and having a  good belly ache about all  matters which are pissing me off, I thought that I’d let you off the hook, which sadly was not the fate of the fish down at the fish market in Jimbaran where I ended up spending my morning.

I love going to all types of markets but this one in Jimbaran was an extra special treat. I’ve never seen so many different varieties of fish in my life. Every conceivable colour, shape, size, pattern, all caught just a few hours ago. If I’d known what a feast for the eyes it was going to be I would have bought my camera, but at least I could use my phone to take pictures as I wandererd between the stalls and watched as men and woman came and went with heavy boxes of ice, buckets of newly caught fish, boys struggling with huge, slippery tuna, sleepy stall holders napping. There were small groups of teenagers peeling mountains of prawns whilst others sharpened  knives ready to fillet fish for the restaurants just a few metres away on the beach.

Considering there were so many fish to chose from, and many exotic to boot, I ended up being desperately unadventurous and bought a kilo of large prawns and a whole small tuna. The tuna was  dextrously boned and cut into 6 steaks for us to take home. As we left the market, I noticed fish that had been put up on the asbestos roofs to dry in the sun and an enterprising young man by the car park had got a barbeque going and was grilling fish and cooking a huge vat of sambal over the charcoals. The smell practically drove me crazy.

As  I sit writing this, the barbeque is going and 10 juicy prawns are cooking on it. No prizes guessing what we are having tonight! Happy weekend all.

11 thoughts on “Fish Market, Jimbaran. Bali

    1. Paul thanks for your comment and yes, the prawns were absolute heaven as was the tuna that we had for dinner later which we marinaded and then cooked till it was just done, a little like steak. I’ve never had such fresh tuna so it was a real treat.

      It was an amazing array of fish, and some of them quite beautiful. I can feel some paintings coming out of these pictures and more visits back to the market soon.


  1. Amazing! I’ve not been to a fish market since I was kid and the one I went to out here was nothing like this one! The fish are gorgeous colors and patterns, especially that big turquoise and orange underbellied fellow. I hope you get a chance to go back to the market and take some more photos! And though maybe not the most exotic choice, your meal of prawns and tuna sounds wonderful to me. I’d rather stick with something I knew how to cook and eat, at least until I could be tutoring on those other fish.

    Any day is a day to rant, if one has something to rant about! But I do get the weekends really should be about fun and relaxation. Looking forward to your next post, Lottie 🙂


    1. Thanks Sister!

      Although my choice was dull compared to what was on offer, the prawns at lunch were senstional and the tuna in the evening was out of this world fresh and so delicious.

      The turquoise and orange fellow was so incredibly handsome and some of the patterns and colours on the other ones too. I can see some paintings coming out of this – something creative!

      I can’t wait to go back now with the camera and make a sort of catalogue of everything that they sell. Wayan says the often have octopus there but there weren’t any yesterday.

      We are off to a Bat Temple today about 2 hrs drive away. I’m terrified of bats but I’m excited to see what it’s like!!


  2. As Paul said, what a great selection of fish. Looks like a typical Asian fish market, great produce, friendly people and colours galore!!!


    1. Thank you!! :)) The fish were very beautiful, I’ve never seen anything quite like it before. It makes the fish in the waters round the UK seem very dull in comparison!


  3. good articles.. hi i am Wayan.. from Bali, Indonesia.
    welcome to Bali, if you pleased come to Bali again..GBU


  4. Halo Wayan, Selamat pagi.

    Terima kasih atas tanggapan Anda bagus. Aku cinta Bali dan aku datang minggu paling. Saya bekerja di Jakarta tapi saya mneghabiskan akhir pekan di Bali.

    Terima kasih telah mengunjungi blog saya. Lottie 🙂


  5. I have snorkelled with a lot of those fish, and ashamed to say, thoroughly enjoyed their brothers or sisters later, lightly grilled with bajan seasoning. Cant wait to get out there, might bring my spare snorkel for you!


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