‘Fortune Favours The Bold’ – Virgil

‘Fortune favours the bold’- I was reminded of this great quote this morning after seeing it on a friend’s status on Facebook. It’s a snappy message from Mr Virgil, but it packs a punch and I’m glad he thought to write it down all those years ago because it’s something that we can all relate to at times when lack of courage, or fear are holding us back, our self-doubts hampering us from moving on. It’s also happens to be one of the very few quotes that I can actually remember due to the fact that it is only four words long, which is another reason that I like it. Whilst we’re on the subject, here’s another from my heroine Dorothy Parker, and yes of course I had to look it up.

‘I might repeat to myself slowly and soothingly, a list of quotations beautiful from minds profound – if only I can remember the damn things’

Througout my life,  I’ve aspired to being as bold as I possibly can and for the most part it does seem to have paid off.  Some more considered folks, and those friends who know me well, may argue that its more a case of ‘fools rush in’ rather than bravery and courage on my part but I would argue then, that if I were not to have been bold, where would I be sitting right now? I doubt very much that I would be living here in Indonesia for example, nor would I have taken the leap of faith and got married for the third time last year and moved to the other side of the world. I would never have lived in so many places, nor taken a certain  risks or indeed done many of the things in the past and now in the present that have so enriched my life. I’ve lost count of the times that friends have said to me ‘oh you are mad, absolutely mad, I would never dream of doing that’.

If boldness is seen as madness, then mad I may very well be, but I’m not too proud that I can’t admit to there being times when, on boldly treading where others have feared to go, I’ve managed to wade straight ( ankle deep) into a pile of steaming shit. Hey, I’m a human, not an angel.

I’ll cut to the chase now that I’ve you given my preamble on boldness and confess to the fact that I’m not feeling inclined to be bold today, well not in the ways that I describe above. What is this volte-face? I can see you wondering. How can this woman brag about her boldness one minute and then turn into a cowardy custard the next? Well, the answer is that I am taking the bold step of not writing about something that I would normally have been keen to share with you. I never said that boldness is about being unconsidered, nor about lack of caution. Boldness can also be borne out of intuition; there can be elements of pragmatism to it too.

This is the month of Ramadam and for Muslims throughout the world, it is a month of fasting throughout the daylight hours and for prayer. The whole pace of Jakarta has changed in the past two weeks; it has taken on a different feel. Something happened yesterday afternoon that made me feel quite angry and when I read more about it this morning on the Internet, I became angrier still. In the normal course of events, I would relate what it was that happened and give you my thoughts on it, but I feel disinclined to for fear of the consequences. I may be bold, but I hope that I am not a fool.

All religions have their fundamentalist elements and within them, those who see their role in terms of action and ideology. In every religion the world over, there will always be the few rotten apples who seek to impose their views and rules upon others, via acts of violence and hatred.

For me to tread carefully therefore, is not to stand still or in anyway eschew boldness, it is to be sensible and aware of where I am living and for me to know my place here as a visitor. That is what I signed up for when I moved to Indonesia

( What I did not know however, was that I would also be signing up with the worlds slowest internet provider ever. A company that proudly calls itself ‘Speedy’ – I would laugh if it wasnt’ for the fact that this post has taken me over an hour to post on the Internet)

‘The problem with the world is that fools and fanatics are always so certain of themselves, but wiser people so full of doubts’ Bertrand Russell.

10 thoughts on “‘Fortune Favours The Bold’ – Virgil

  1. Oh Sister, we are so much a like it is freaky-cool-spooky-validating! Love Virgil’s quote and I agree. On the other hand, I’m a great believer in timing. Knowing when to act or speak up and when to observe and record. It’s the difference between reacting and responding. Sometimes, as difficult as it may be, we must bide our time.

    I don’t know exactly what you’re referring to in this post, dear Lottie, but I do sense that you’re “responding” to whatever it is, rather than reacting. Which is not to say that “reacting” doesn’t have its merits, but in this case, it sounds as though you’re following your gut and your gut is telling you to use your diplomacy skills.

    Love the photo. xoxo


    1. …….’ we are so much a like it is freaky-cool-spooky-validating!’ – Love that!! needless to say I burst into laughter when I read it!!

      I really am crap at remembering quotes word for word – It’s idleness on my part. I should keep a little book, write them down and memorise them but I don’t. It’s probably a blessing in disguise that I’m not an actress, imagine if I had to learn lines – I’d have lastest 5 seconds ad libbing my way through ‘A Midsummers nights dream’….

      Diplomacy is not my middle name, but I learnt early on here that there’s things that I can write/say and things that are out of bounds. It’s a bummer but that’s the way the cookie crumbles for now. I’d always taken freedom of speech for granted until now. xoxo


  2. Hats off to you lottie, for all your sensitivity and heart, never a shrinking violet, bull or fool.
    Still the Lottie I knew and always knew you would be.
    Only you could get Virgil, Dorothy, and Bertrand in to the same blog and sound not you.


  3. That was wrong “and still sound like you “is what I meant to say while staring across the bay in vromolions mulling over my next creative move.xxx


    1. Oh Ms Chalkie, what a very lovely girl you are 🙂

      I was feeling rather down in the dumps earlier and then I read your comment and you made me laugh so much, thank you darling girl for cheering me up!
      I’ve come over this evening with a bad case of Sundayitis. Haven’t had it for weeks and then BOOM, it came out of the blue. Might help if I could pour myself a large glass of wine or two, but the wretched wine box has been milked dry (a bit like an empty cows udder) of it’s last drop yesterday so it’s the dreaded Bintang I fear, or a cup of tea. Not sure which is worse. Hope you are having a wonderful time in Skiathos xoxo


      1. Sundaitis dread it.
        I always have a large cup of tea and a good book or sex
        Depending on supply .


  4. Lottie — thank you for these words of wisdom. I can’t even tell you how much I needed to read these quotes and your insights on being bold. I have to decide (by tomorrow) whether or not to make a downpayment on an educational trip to Ecuador with Eddie and Kasey. We do not have the money to do this, so I applied for a loan. I’ve wrestled with this decision because it is so NOT practical; we are already in debt. However, I have made many decisions in life by listening to my heart rather than my head. (I can really relate to you on this.)

    Therefore, I am going to proudly BE BOLD and sign up for this trip. I know I won’t regret it. And I realize that perhaps the point of this post was that, ironically, you had to contain your instinct to be bold — but, nevertheless, you have inspired me. I dragged my family to Australia, quit my secure job as a teacher and now I will go to Ecuador with my kids on money I don’t have because I AM BOLD! Thanks, Lottie. xxxx Steph

    By the way, it shouldn’t surprise me that we share a love for Dorothy Parker. I always devoted a day to her when teaching my high school literature classes and we read “Big Blonde,” “Resume,” “One Perfect Rose” etc. She is BOLD.


    1. Dearest Steph, I admire your boldness and what a great thing to do with Eddie and Kasey. It may not make you rich in the monetary sense, but oh my! how rich it will make you all in other, better ways. I think it’s absolutely fantastic that you’ve put your bold hat on, and I wish you all the very best on your new adventure, I’m looking forward to hearing all about it and following it on your blog.

      Your lovely comment really made me happy, seriously happy, and if I have inspired you in any way then that means a lot to me. I’m delighted (though not remotely surprised) that you are also a big fan of DP – if I could arrange a fantasy dinner party she would be there for sure, and you of course my BOLD friend regaling us with your witty anecdotes and tales of your travels around the world. with love, Lottie xoxo


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