A Bright Idea

There has been a major paint job going on at the Bali house. It wasn’t a sudden rush of blood to the head, nor a moment of madness after too much Bintang that sent us off to Ace Hardware a couple of weeks ago to purchase a few gallons of bright paints.

Irishman and I have been hatching this plan for new exterior colours for some months now and we have spent hours talking about which colours to use based on observing how the sun moves around the garden, reflects onto the plants and walls and where the shadows fall during daylight hours. Our inspiration has come from Bali, living in a tropical climate, and all the wonderful plants and flowers.  My trip to the Majorelle Gardens http://alinadesign.com/marrakech.html in Marrakesh a few years ago and our joint love of David Hockney http://studionevin.wordpress.com/2012/03/25/hockney-style-gold-lame-and-fags/and Frieda Kahlo http://www.migulski.com/galleries/mexico/Frida-Kahlos-House-1.html have also been a factor.  Last but not least, Luis Barragan http://www.flickriver.com/groups/barragan/pool/interesting/, the Mexican architect whose bold and exciting use of colour in space is a perfect example of how transformative large areas of bright colour can be.

We have still to find the exact yellow which is to be used for the upper storey above the kitchen, but apart from that and painting some large bright coloured terracotta pots which will be dotted around the garden, we have now almost finished our first phase.

I took all of these photos at lunchtime when the sun was at it’s brightest. What I love about using the orange, blue and pink paint is that it’s really brought out the vibrancy of the plants and accentuated their colours. The house and garden has now become a sort of living palette and as the shadows play on the walls the shades and hues change accordingly.