A Chance Encounter With A Penis

I saw a mans penis yesterday which happened to be quite exciting because normally the only penis I get to see these days is my husbands.  I probably should explain that as a happily married woman, living with the man of her dreams, I’ve never given other men’s penises a nano- seconds thought since the moment I hooked up with the Irishman three years ago. In fact I’d even go so far as to say that from the moment that I met lover boy, I was content in the knowledge that I’d probably never, ever see another mans penis again in my life.

Well, sometimes fate plays its hand in these matters and it was surely destiny then that because of a change of plan I was, where I was, when the accidental penis sighting happened.

I’d arranged with Irishman’s driver Andy, to pick me up from the apartment at 3.15pm so that I could go to the airport and collect a friend who was coming to stay with us. At 2pm I had a phone call from Miss Moneypenny (Irishman’s super efficient PA) to say that there was about to be a huge demonstration in central Jakarta and that we should leave early to avoid it. I’d been out all morning doing madly boring things like paying phone bills, going to the bank and grocery shopping and had yet to clean the bathroom and tidy up the apartment in anticipation of Sophias arrival.  Miss Moneypenny was insistent that we leave immediately so, despite not having done half the things I was planning to do in the last hour, I heeded Miss MP’s advice and we left an hour early.

We’d hardly gone more than 200 yards when quite suddenly, out of the blue we spotted a stark naked man casually walking down the road. At this point all we could see was his back view but he had a nice perky bottom and interestingly long legs. What struck me as odd wasn’t particularly that he was stark bollock naked (though of course it is odd) but how tall he was. Indonesians are generally quite tiny compared to westerners but this man was of almost Amazonian proportions (remember I still hadn’t seen him from the front) and his hair was long and straggly, hanging in what looked like dreadlocks but I suspect was more a case of long, matted hair. He wasn’t carrying any bags, or sporting any apparel other than his birthday suit. Andy and I watched open-mouthed and wide-eyed as the man continued to walk along the side of the busy road. I’ve got to admit that I was desperate to catch up with him and have a chance to check out the front of this guy, and I freely admit that I was relieved when the traffic lights changed from red to green and moments later we were drawn up alongside the naked man – I could not resist turning round, pressing my nose against the car window and taking in an eyeful of what might well be the last mans willy I ever see apart from of course my darling husband’s.

And Ladies, I’m very glad that I did because I can report that yes, he was indeed Amazonian in every sense of the word which does somewhat go against the popular belief that Asian men are generally not thought of in that way.

14 thoughts on “A Chance Encounter With A Penis

    1. Sherry, I haven’t got a clue where this guy came from, or where he was going, but I think he was pretty damn proud of his member. Maybe I should run up the street and find him and send him over to Ubud?


  1. Hilarious! You must have been really glad you’d taken Moneypenny’s advice to leave right away. Not only would you have been stuck in a traffic jam, you would have missed the random penis sighting!

    Fascinating and educational post, Sis. xoxo


    1. I laughed so much at the ‘educational’ part of your comment. Because I didn’t fish the camera out in time I did think maybe about doing some sort of ‘educational’ drawing……xoxo


  2. Your penis sighting is hilarious, thanks for the putting the Asian ‘little man’ myth to bed 🙂 Magus and I saw a demonstration in Mexico City, of the naked variety, and it was quite TIT-illating!


    1. wow, a naked demo in Mexico City, now that must have been quite something. wel jel about that!! i do have to say though, that the sight of a butt naked man in the middle of a traffic jam in Jakarta was one of the weirdest things that I have ever seen. He was so damn cool about it too!! 😉


    1. I know, shameful isnt’ it! The truth is Sarah, that I was having such fun that I totally forgot – in fact it didn’t even occur to me until half way to the airport that this would have been the most perfect photo op ever. hey ho 🙂


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