Ten Days In Pictures

The sheer excitement of seeing a random penis last week on the way to the airport, and then my abject failure at capturing it on camera has made me even more determined to document the past 10 days. Tragically the only penis that I can show you here (I know! too little, too late) is the one that I took in the National Museum in Jakarta the next day. Not quite the same but I think you’ll agree that when all is said and done it is most definitely a penis, and a pretty impressive one at that. Here is a random selection of some of the highlights of the past 10 days spent in Jakarta and Bali. Have a good weekend folks!

A trip to Turtle island on Bali last saturday morning resulted in an impromtu art lesson. Irishman had gone with his  drawing book and paints with an idea of doing some paintings of the turtles. However, he soon became an object of fascination for a group of kids who were camping there and a two hour art lesson then ensued with the kids getting very excited and involved. It was pure magic.

The side of Bali that they never show you in the brochures! Goats and cows feasting on a waste heap.

This handsome chap (possibly my new boyfriend) was delighted when I asked him in my best bahasa Indonesia if I could photograph him. I have a feeling that he may be a bit of a ladies man. Just saying…….

This cheeky chappy waits for the offerings to be placed on the shrines then hurls himself upon them with gusto. This is a terrible photo but I’m really quite scared of monkeys so it took all my courage to get up close and personal to take his picture. Shaky hand at Uluwatu Temple.

Should it ever come to it, and I decide to top myself,  this might well be the place that I choose to throw myself from. (Bali’s equivalent to Beachy Head) a very pretty spot at Uluwatu on the southeastern edge of Bali.

Chilled late afternoon scene at home in Bali. The new paints on the exterior walls and the shadows, still have me in their thrall….Ok, I’m still wetting my knickers, that’s how excited I am! See my post ‘ A Bright Idea’ if you want to know more.

‘Hare Krishna, Hare Krishna, Krishna, Krishna, Hare Hare, Hare Rama, Hare Rama, Rama Rama, Hare Hare’. Taken  early evening at Pantai Matasari, Sanur. On a personal note, I have come to love this mantra. Last Christmas when I was back in London, I bought a copy of the Bhagavad gita from a lady on the street. In the past I have often visited Govinda’s, just off Soho Square for a delicious lunch – I never thought for one moment as I was tucking in to heaps of beans, curry and rice just off Oxford Street, that I might one day spend time in Bali on a regular basis, meditating and chanting this mantra to myself. It works for me.

‘Beautiful lady, please buy my postcards, please, please’. Darling girl at Besakih temple. I didn’t buy her postcards but I did give her a significant handout, probably the equivalent of 10 packs of postcards just because I’m an absolute sucker for sweet kids and flattery. I’m easy me.

Ah, that perfect Bintang moment. Hot and sweaty but happy to be lubricated and to have such a perfect vista. Mount Batur, Kintamani, Bali.

I love this picture taken at a ceremony at Goa Lawah. Obviously bored out of his mind, this young kid glances round to see what is happening. Nothing as it happened, just a few random tourists entranced and happy to have stumbled upon mid-week ceremony.

Detail on fishing boat in Sanur.

Old Jakarta, Fatahillah Square.

Wayang Museum, Jakarta.

This is probably my favourite photograph of the week. The view down the passage from the ladies toilets at Cafe Batavia with the sun streaming in through the blinds.

15 thoughts on “Ten Days In Pictures

    1. Darling, he is taken BUT, lust aside, you are very welcome to come and view him anytime that you want. I’d love nothing more than to return your wonderful hospitality. Can’t promise snakes, but I’ll try to find something equally delicious! 🙂


  1. So many wonderful photos, Lottie!! And so diverse! It’s amazing these were all taken in a mere span of ten days.

    And yes, Sis, my fav is also the hallway from the ladies toilets at Cafe Batavia. Gorgeous. Love the close up the statue (Bersakih1?). Oh, and the eyeball on the fishing boat! Awesome!! Was there one on the other side? Or was this a cyclops fishing boat? And oh, oh, oh! LOVE the photo of your fantastic orange wall! I don’t know how you tear yourself away from your vibrant garden walls.

    Perusing your beautiful, astonishing photos has made my morning. Thanks, Lottie! xoxo


    1. A cyclops fishing boat, now there’s a thought! This eye caught my attention whilst I crouched down to have a furtive wee on the beach beside it…it was slightly off putting having a boat eyeballing me but i was desperate and about to do it in my pants so needs must.

      I’ve had 2 friends out to stay over the past month which has meant a lot of trips to temples, volcanoes and beaches, and cultural tours round Jakarta – hence the diversity of the past 10 days – never a dull moment for Mrs Nev.

      Tearing ourselves away from Bali is always hard, but I do in a funny sort of way actually love Jakarta now. I think the move up 7 floors (sans Kegel8 machine) has made a huge difference to my sanity. It’s a much smaller living space but it’s in good order and just feels a much nicer place to be living. Oh and we now have an aquarium, a seawater one which is full of live coral, fishes and…..seahorses! I’m going to devote an entire post to it soon. i’ve got a lot of catching up to do here xoxo


      1. I had a feeling that you might be a bit excited about them!! They shall be starring in a post this week…..BIG DRUM ROLLS….red carpet, and a supporting cast of nemos, prawns, and various other marine celebrities xoxo


  2. Love these photos, Lottie — Ahh…I must get back to Bali. Sounds like some magical days. Love the one of the Irishman and his new pupils and the one of the little girl with postcards. Also, all the ceremony pics, too. The puppets, penis — I like ’em all!
    I love the effects you have on some of the photos. Did you take these with Instagram? 🙂


    1. Helllooo Steph! I absolutely must send you the OOPS photo that I took for you (will send today)
      These photos were all taken with my iphone. There is a great app called Tadaa which I love and use a lot. For example if I want black and white or sepia I can do all of that without having to fiddle around in iphoto later – saves a lot of time and bother. There are also some crazy filters you can use if you want something a little more racey. I’m very dull and just stick to U- Bahn, Bronze and Grauzone. Another app I sometimes use is Pro HDR. I often check out the photography blogs on WP, there are some real smartypants professionals who do wondrous things, way way beyond me and very often they will say how they did such and such and how to get a special effect etc. Most of it goes right over the top of my head but, this is how I found out about Tadaa! 🙂


    1. Me too! There was a lovely guy polishing the floors and dusting the pictures along there and he offered to show me the Gents toilet too which is quite extraordinary as there is a mirror from floor to ceiling that the men pee against – Pete told me about it ages ago and I laughed but seeing is believing, and so was the smell so I didn’t hang about in there for long! 🙂


  3. From penises to cyclops to temples and a little girl flashing a brilliant smile.. that about sums it up: Indonesia at its finest 🙂 Also… I simply cannot wait to take in the gloriously full spectrum of colors that make up the exterior (and interior, methinks) of your Bali house!!


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