An Afternoon in Glodok & Batavia.

15 thoughts on “An Afternoon in Glodok & Batavia.

    1. I went to Jin De Yuan in January for the Chinese New Year and took lots of colour photos. This time I had a change of heart and decided to concentrate on the B/W .You’re right, the dark edges do create the melodrama, Thanks for your comment!


    1. I love YOU too Martha Reynolds and I LOVE your wonderful book ‘Chocolate For Breakfast’ – no pressure, but please get on with the next one! Glad you like the B&W xxx


    1. Not sure if it’s only for iphone, need to check. I’ll try to find the you the name of the cool lady that has all the great tips on WP and will send you her link via email 🙂 X


    1. the laughing Buddha, my favourite too! Just added another one at the top, can’t believe I left smiley pot off…I did post this very early in the morning though so I was half asleep! talking of which 3 sleeps left 🙂


    1. Smiley pot reminds me of a character from a childrens book that I once had. Can’t remember which one! but the face looks very familiar. I love visiting this temple and I shall be going back again in the Chinese New Year – that is when it is at it’s most glorious xoxo


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