New York, New York!

It’s Saturday morning here in Jakarta, and Irishman is away at meetings for the next few hours. With him out of my hair I’ve had a chance to sit down at my laptop and go through the past years photos, clearing them up, sorting and deleting which is something that I’ve been meaning to do for ages. It occurred to me the other day that the anniversary of my first blog post is fast approaching and I wanted to do something special to mark it, hence having a sort out of my photos before I embark on my anniversary post.

Sunrise from airplane window on way to New York from Indianapolis.
Moma, New York.

As I was going through them, I found some pictures that I took in New York back at the beginning of January. This has been a fantastic week for America, and though I don’t normally show my political leanings I am so delighted that Obama has been re-elected. To celebrate this great victory and to thank all the wonderful followers, readers and friends that I have from the States, here are a few pictures of New York, your fantastic city.

Lamp in Brooklyn Diner.

Tragically, Irishman developed some mystery illness which subsequently brought our much longed for, and talked about 4 day visit to New York to an abrupt end. We had just one day of sightseeing and sampling the delights of this incredible city before he turned ashen grey, broke out in a fever, and started to hallucinate thereby spending the last 3 days of our visit in bed. If his sickly pallor and sweats were not enough to convince me of his illness, then the fact that he didn’t even notice, or break into an apoplectic rage on hearing the drinks and ice machine rumbling away outside our bedroom, did. Being the loving wife that I am, I on the other hand, couldn’t have been more grateful for it’s proximity as it meant that I had a constant supply of ice and cold water on tap to mop his fevered brow Ahhhh!

11 thoughts on “New York, New York!

  1. Love the photos Lotts and did so 1st time around. Le Prof. should take you back there for feckin’ up the last visit. Batty boy!!!!


  2. Some very nice photos that you have shown. I don’t know about the rest of your viewers, etc. but it is so nice to learn that a foreigner leans toward the left as I do. But maybe you just like our president and I am so glad that you approve.

    Too bad Mr Irish got sick. Sounds like he needed a doctor.


  3. I think the whole of the UK was rejoicing about Obama getting back in, judging from all the comments from my Brit friends on Facebook. He is hugely popular in the UK! I don’t think Mitt Romney has ever been popular with the Brits but he sure as heck didn’t curry any favours with the UK by being so rude about the Olympic Games

    Mitt Romney questions London’ s readiness for Olympic Games › News › World news › Mitt Romney26 Jul 2012 – The US presidential candidate Mitt Romney has questioned the readiness of London 2012, saying there have been “disconcerting signs” in the …

    Mr Irish has promised to take me back and I really can’t wait. I loved New York and would love to have spent more time there.


  4. Thank you lovely Martha. My thoughts and prayers go out to all those affected by the storm – what a terrible thing to happen. I hope that things are getting back to some sort of normality now and that you were not badly affected by it. xxx


  5. Hi Lottie, Love the pictures. We’re heading to New York next week to partake in the very American tradition of The Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. It’s going to be crazy and loud–and lots of giant balloons–but I can’t wait. I’m also happy Mr. Obama won. If anything, he’s a good guy.


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