Happy Birthday Blog!

It’s my Blogs first birthday today! Happy Birthday Blog!

Without wishing to sound like Kate Winslet when she made her Oscar winning speech a few years ago, (though I fear it may it may start to turn into something resembling it) I would like to use this momentous occasion to thank and acknowledge, a whole load of wonderful people. See, that KW effect has already started…….

If I may start by saying that this time 368 days ago, I actually had no idea what a blog was, let alone had done anything in this vein, you might get a clue of how ignorant I was when I first started out on this venture exactly a year ago today. If I tell you also, that for the first month of posting, Irishman had to upload all of my photos and my writing onto WordPress, that should also give you a pretty good idea of how totally hopeless I am with computers. Without his infinite patience, and good humour, this blog would never have got off the ground.

That said, I think I’ve come along way. I say I think, because in a moment I am going to try to put some links up to just a few of the many blogs that I love and follow and as I write this, I am not entirely sure if it’s going to work. So far I’ve only ever managed one live link on my own blog, let alone a list of them. Please bear with me.

In no particular order other than that Amberr Meadows was my first Follower, (and for that she deserves first place in the line-up) here are just a few of the 200 blogs that I follow, love, and enjoy.

Amberr Meadows

The first follower I had was Amberr Meadows. I owe Amberr a lot. In the early days, her support and encouragment meant the world to me, and it still does and her comments and thoughtfulness encouraged me to continue. A few weeks after I had started posting, she put a link to my blog on her fantastic site and a few months ago she invited me to join her Triberr group, Brazen Bloggers. She is without doubt the Queen of Bloggers because she has what I consider the finest virtue that any blogger can have, and that is a sense of community.


Sarah is fantastic. She writes a great blog and has the courage to say some of the things that I long too. Her dry humour, thoughts on S.E Asia and life in general make for an interesting read.


Martha and I met through rather unorthodox circumstances. Since that moment of epithany, we have followed each others blogs and have had a lot of fun! Martha published her first book “Chocolate for Breakfast’ a couple of months ago. Check it out on Amazon, it’s a great read and I can highly recommend it. Likewise her blog.

Lydia is a journalist and I discovered her blog after Googling ‘Blogs Jakarta’ – She’s left Jakarta now, but she always writes informative and great posts and I’d like to thank her for mentioning me on one of her posts. Thank you Lydia.


Melissa lives in Thailand. She nominated me for award a while back and I was made up! I love reading about her life in Thailand. She’s a gentle and spirtual lady, her generous nature and warmth, are apparent in the way that she writes and thinks. She’s also a great photographer.


Elise has a most brilliant idea, she is the consumate armchair traveller bringing the world to her and then sharing it via her amazing blog. I feel very flattered that she has asked me to feature on one of her posts. Very flattered, and very honoured. Please check her blog out, you will not be disappointed!


Steph is crazy! I totally adore her. She makes me laugh like no other.  She’s travelled pretty much everywhere and always has a story to tell. I think there may be a drop or two of Irish blood in there!

Far Side Travel

If you want something a bit different, check them out. Farside travel is outspoken and transgressive in it’s way and I always enjoy reading their posts. Thanks to you guys too for giving me a ‘promo’!!

Dad Blunders | Life As I Know I

Aaron is immense. His blog is about being ‘a stay-at-home dad’. Actually his blog is WAY more than that. It’s an absolute must-have read for all parents of young children, and come to think of it, all parents full stop!  Aaron also put me up for an award of which I am most grateful, and hugely appreciative. Thank you!

MyLIFEin24Hours – Blog

Keith always makes me smile. She is such a sweet, kind, soul. She’s a fantastic Triberr girl too!
8 Degrees of Latitude

I’m a little in awe of Richard. He writes exquisitely, he’s very funny and importantly he’s very informed. If you are interested in Bali, he’s the man you need to be checking out.

Berit ja Terje

Amazing, fantastic, original and very different. Avantourists is an exceptional blog. Need I say more? Go and check these Estonian girls out now!

the headmaster’s handbag

I stumbled across this blog when I wrote a post a few months ago. This lady doesn’t yet know it, but I really love hearing about her new life in Kenya. I feel a connection with her because we both started our new lives abroad at roughly the same time and both our husbands are involved in education. I’m fascinated by her life in Kenya and secretly rather jealous!

gerard oosterman

Gerard is a consumate storyteller and writer. He’s Dutch, but has lived in Australia for most of his life. You will never be bored reading Gerard’s posts – he always has something different to add to the pot, always something to make you think. That’s why I love Gerard!


Sherry is gorgeous. She is one of the most beautiful women that I have ever met in my life. She also happens to write a terrific blog and has taken to living in Bali like a duck to water. She’s a wise, wonderful and brilliant lady and I’ve been lucky enough to meet her.


Amit Janco, What a lady! I’d been waiting ages to meet Amit in the flesh so to speak and when at last I did, I ruined it all by pronouncing her name wrong. What’s worse is that despite her telling me that I’d pronounced her name wrong, and her kindly correcting me,  I still kept getting it wrong! Amit, like Sherry also lives on Bali and I love her blog because she’s embraced Balinese life and learnt the language so quickly. Amit has the courage and strength of a lion. She can also do impressive yoga positions.

And last, but by no means least is:

Intricate Knot

This lady totally fascinates me!  Seriously, I love her to bits. We found out that we shared the same birthday some months ago and since then we’ve almost been joined at the hip. Intricate has the MOST wonderful imagination. She writes the sort of stories that I would love to write. She’s mad, and ditzy, and brilliant and because she shares the same birthday as mine, I reckon that we are sisters. She also draws beautifully. I’m enchanted, and you will be too.

I could go on, and on, and on naming fabulous people and their blogs but these are just a few of my very favourites. Please check them out, and I hope that you enjoy them as much as I do.

And lastly, to all the wonderful friends that I have who tirelessly read my posts and then, totally unasked go and share them on Facebook! WOW! and leave comments, and support me, THANK YOU! you mean the world to me XXX

37 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Blog!

    1. Thanks Ped, and thanks for suggesting that I start a blog. I love writing posts as you know, but it’s having discovered that great feeling of being connected, and connecting with people from all over the world, that I love the best xxxx


  1. I have loved reading your blog, can’t believe its a year old now. Its the first thing I check for when I log on to facebook!
    2 of my friends now talk to you more often than they do me!!!!!!……but then you are so much more eloquent and funny and therefore totally forgiven.
    Happy birthday blog, looking forwards to another year of humour and reflection Lottie style.


    1. Oh, you flatterer you! I LOVE your message, thanks B.
      It means a lot when I hear people say that they love the blog. It spurs me on to write more posts, think about my life, connect with other people. I had no real plan when I started out a year ago, just thought I’d write about whatever it was that I found funny, different, or challenging. I never dreamed that aside from our children, other people might enjoy it too. That’s a wonderful bonus 🙂


  2. Lottie! I’ve been under a rock and haven’t been keeping up with my reader — I checked today to see what you’ve been up to (hoping all was well). Not only did I see that you’ve posted quite a bit (again, I’ve been under a rock), but that it’s your blog’s birthday, too!! Congratulations!!

    Also, I am overwhelmed by your kind words and the fact you mentioned me and Travel Oops. I adore you and your blog, by the way. You make me laugh uproariously (I rarely use that adjective). You are also so supportive and kind — So here is to you and your fabulous blog!! Now I must get to reading the posts I’ve missed. I finally am following you via e-mail so I won’t miss any again! xxxxxx and lots of love, Lottie! 🙂 Steph


    1. Well Mrs, it’s a mutual admiration society going on then, because I echo all your kind and lovely words. Apart from the rock bit of course!! You are totally forgiven for having been under a rock (hope it was nice which ever rock you were staying under?) because funnily enough, you always make me laugh uproariously too. What a great adjective! I’d actually forgotten about it until you reminded me of it just now. MUST put it in a post somewhere……xxxxxx


  3. Selamat ulang tahun blog! Thanks for the link and thanks for sharing so many others you read, I’m looking forward to following more bloggers around the world.


    1. Your blog is great Lydia and you were so kind to put a link to my site onto one of your posts. That’s a real bloggers spirit! Judging from my stats this morning, peeps are already checking out the links that I put up so I hope that you will enjoy some of the other blogs that I mentioned. Hope you are having a good time wherever you are. Lottie


  4. You did good lady. I am happy for you- could not have happened to a nicer person-even though I have not a clue of your character other than going by how you wirte, I must say I think you are a lovely individual who will continue to have blogging success.


  5. Happy Birthday! And thank you so much for the lovely mention – it made me cry! It’s funny, isn’t it, how you come to look forward to ‘hearing from’ people you don’t know and have never met. I love getting the email notifications about your blog, it’s like getting a letter from a good friend. So, well done, Lottie – keep up the fantastic work – you’ve inspired me to go and write another article! xxxxx


    1. Well Mrs Handbag, the feeling is absolutely mutual as I too look forward to ‘hearing from’ you. I am extraordinarily jealous of your life in Kenya and aside from the fact that I always find your posts entertaining and fun, it also means that I can fantasise about being back in Kenya, a place that I really love and have had some blessed and happy times. You keep up your fantastic work too and I’m looking forward to hearing many more of your adventures xoxo


  6. What a beautiful Post! Happy Birthday to your blog and yes Amberr is pretty awesome and I feel the same way! Although, I’m not as lucky to have her as my first follower but she is pretty rockin’! I love that girl!


    1. Thanks Chewy – You are ALL great but as I said in my post, Amberr was my first follower and so supportive in the early days. She knows that already because I’ve told her a 1,000 times, but I specially wanted to acknowledge the fact on my blogs 1st Birthday!


  7. Dear Lottie, Wow, what a milestone, I’m so happy for you! Your blog is such a gem, and it’s such a treat reading and laughing along. I’m really looking forward to checking out some of the other blogs you mentioned too – and thnx for a nod to mine 😉 See you again soon??!!
    xo Amit (pronunciation hint: Uh-meet!)


    1. I hope that I see you again soon too! 🙂 We’ve got a very busy couple of months coming up but I shall let you know when I’m heading up your way for sure. At least it will give me time to practice saying your name correctly and hopefully when I do see you again I shall get it absolutely right! xo


  8. HAPPY BLOGOVERSARY, Lovely Lottie! I’m touched with your message to me. I love you more than ever. Mhua! More powers to come, girl! I’m always here to support you! 😉


  9. Has it already been a year? Incredible! I’m so glad my support helped in those early days. Blogging is something you either love or hate, and you’ve taken to it like a duck to water. I’m glad you’re tribed up with me, too. Love and hugs and a toast to more years of blogging fun and making connections!

    P.S. Thanks for the beautiful, loving mention. Made my day, truly.


  10. Lottie,

    I am so flattered that you added me as a must read for parents. I just love to write and share my experiences with others….if I help someone along the way even better!! I didn’t know Amberr was your first blogging experience! I find that sensationally awesome…I had been blogging on tumblr but Amberr was my first real experience with a blogger outside tumblr too! I always enjoy reading your posts and experiencing your life in Indonesia. You make me want to travel (someday..maybe…hopefully)

    Aaron 🙂

    P.S. HAPPY BLOG BIRTHDAY LOTTIE!! (I got sidetracked talking and almost forgot to wish the Birthday wish…yikes)!


    1. You’re forgiven! and thank you. I know already from checking the stats that peeps are homing in on your site! FANTASTIC, that is exactly what I had hoped would happen – it worked, my links actually work!! 🙂


  11. Hey thanks for the mention (I’ve got a bit behind with my blog reading at the moment and only just got to this). A year just flies by doesn’t it? You know more than me. I’m still figuring out what to do with the pingback button. People do it to me but I haven’t a clue.


    1. My pleasure Sarah.

      I haven’t got a clue about the pingback button either – I’d love to know how it works.
      I copied and pasted the links for this post from my followers page. I still have a lot to learn!


  12. I was sure I had commented already, but I was wrong. Belated but sincere congrats on your blog’s birthday, Lottie, and THANK YOU not only for your online friendship and support, but also for listing my blog in the big font.
    Love you tons. xxx


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