Curl Up And Dye

This morning while making my weekly pilgrimage to the duty-free shop in Kemang to replenish our vodka stocks, I caught sight of this hair salon from the car window. I fear that either something has got horribly lost in the translation, or worse, that it’s not just your hair that gets chopped off . Not sure what Spider Lily is all about but that sounds distinctly dodgy too. I think I’m going to stick with Toni & Guy. It might cost a small fortune, but at least heads don’t roll…..


[ven-det-uh]  Show IPA



a private feud in which the members of the family of amurdered person seek to
 avenge the murder by killing theslayer or one of the slayer’s relative
,especially suchvengeance as once practiced in Corsica  and parts of Italy.

any prolonged and bitter feud, rivalry, contention, or the like: apolitical vendetta.
1850–55;  < Italian  < Latin vindicta  vengeance; see vindictive

9 thoughts on “Curl Up And Dye

  1. Arhhahahaha – that is toooo funny!! We should go- just to see what happens!
    A spider lily is a type of flower, big white head with super long thin projectiles off the main petal head. So I am sure they intended it in the best possible way – and just got it terribly wrong!!! HAhahahaha


  2. Although this is only a rumor and I can’t swear this from first hand knowledge, a friend told me that one of the ladies in our town named her daughter “Frappuccino” because she thought it sounded pretty. I wonder of the owner of the hair salon had a similar liking to the word “Vendetta”. ~Vicki


    1. Vicki, I think you’ve hit the nail on the head! Vendetta does sound quite nice, anything with etta on the end sounds good, take bruschetta for example. Umm Frappuccino? I suppose Cino would be ok…Personally I draw the line at names like Chardonnay. Thanks for your comment and your story, it’s been great to hear from you 🙂


  3. I’ve heard of people in foreign countries that get the translations confused. But this is a doosie. So if you go in for a hair cut you come out wtih your head shaved- now that would be a vendetta. Maybe the Java people have their own version of what vendetta means. Lottie you have the most uncanny knack for finding humor just about everywhere you go. I am always waiting for a new post from you just about every day but I know that, is not possible since you put so much time and effort to write these posts. Unless you are super fast I would think that you spend hours at the computer..


    1. Your not wrong their my friend. I spend so many hours in front of my computer that I now resemble the spherical apple motif on the front of it. Some posts do take longer than others that’s true – especially when there are lots of pictures. Hope all good your side of the world and give your beautiful dogs a pat from me….it’s probably safer than me sliding off my chair. Take care, Lottie x


      1. Yes, I will pat my super, duper dogs that give me fits sometimes. I can only imagine how much work you are putting into these posts. I know how much I put into my little piddly diddly posts. The pictures give me the most problems. For 2 days WordPress was misbehaving and I could not get the dang thing to do as it should. It finally righted itself after I deleted all cookies, email, wordpress sign in, etc, Now I have virtaully nothing in my browser and I am having problems getting back into wordpress. One of the men that I worked with told me that if a computer messed up, it would be my fault and I think he was right. He told me that I was computer stupid (not his exact words). I can not spell what I want to write so I’ll take the easy way out. Anyhow, no matter how hard you work on a post- just remember that you are apprecaited for your wonderful posts. No need to answer back. You are welcome.


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