Postcards From Oahu, Hawaii


6 thoughts on “Postcards From Oahu, Hawaii

    1. It is pretty fabulous, the beaches are great, and the weather is perfect. Unless you have an absolutely burning desire to stay in Honolulu, I’d definitely head north and go to the beaches up there. We’ve got to stay down this end because of the design conference but if we get a chance to come back then we’ll give the city a wide berth and find a conch shell to curl up in 🙂


    1. Thrilled to bits that you like the photos – I’m off on another road trip tomorrow up north but today is being spent Christmas shopping whilst Irishman spends his last day at the conference. I’m desperate to find a turtle, apparently there are lots of them!


  1. Can you hear my applause? Beautiful photos one and all, Lottie! My favorites are the beach-ball tree (how freaking cool are those branches? Love them!) and the tables. “Tables” remind me of your garden in Bali: vibrantly alive. xoxo


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