Home And Away…Some Things Never Change

It’s Saturday evening and I’m curled up on the sofa in our kitchen in London (Our wonderful tenants have kindly let us use the house whilst we are back in London as they are all away for Christmas) As I sit writing this, rain is pouring through the ceiling, fat, cold raindrops are plopping down on the cushion beside me and onto the floor. I’ve placed saucepans strategically around the room to catch the drips, and as I sit writing this I have to laugh because it really does feel like being back at home again! We meant to get the leaks fixed in the roof before we left 14 months ago but there was so much other stuff to do, and get sorted, that it just never happened – A rain drop just splashed onto my head – maybe it’s a karmic message that I need to get this sorted. Thank God for patient and kind tenants.

Irishman and I had a fantastic time in Hawaii and the 6 days spent there went far too quickly. The AIGA conference was a success and so too our couple of trips spent going out and about Oahu and checking out all that it had to offer. We stayed in the one hotel in Honolulu that didn’t have a bar which meant that we were forced to go in search of one. As it turned out, this was a blessing in disguise as we ended up in Kiki’s bar most nights. Kiki’s is decidedly dodgey; it’s where the rough and the fallen hang out, but we loved it, and thankfully they loved us too – it may have been our fabulous karoke singing, or the fact that we left big tips, who knows?

Early last Monday morning we left Hawaii for LA and our journey eastwards onto Joshua Tree which I shall post about soon. For now here are my last postcards from Oahu, Hawaii. The turtles were beautiful and it was a joy to watch them swim in the sea just feet from where we were stood.

























5 thoughts on “Home And Away…Some Things Never Change

  1. That is one huge travel log of Oahu. You really extended yourself to put all of those on your blog. Your work is appreciated. The sights that you encountered are not the ordinary sights. I like that a lot. Not things that one would see on a post card. The turtles are something. Wonderful in fact. So you are writing as “rain drops keep on falling on my head.” That is not good but it has to be such a good feeling to be back in your own house. I know that you will relish your time at home. Maybe whip out an umbrella if you have one and then you can type away and remain dry. I apprecaite the photos that you posted. I did not expect you to knock yourself out by posting but I am glad that you did.

    Take care and happy holidays to you and the Irishman,


  2. Thanks Lottie! Very evocative about London (briefly) and especially the rain… then I remembered it’s cold rain and that’s why I left the parish in the first place :). Nice shots of Oahu and some great sleaze in there too … good in a way to see things haven’t changed in that direction either. Have a lovely time and keep blogging. Merry Christmas and all the best for 2013.


  3. I absolutely love the kitschy and the sleaze! And the turtles!! So cool! Awesome photos as always, Sis. Is the Christmas tree photo taken from Hawaii, too? Lovely colors and that butterfly is beautiful.

    “…where the rough and the fallen hang out…” My new favorite line. It would make a great title for a story. I hope you’re able to get the roof fixed soon. xoxo


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