Me And My Shadow

Here is a small selection of photographs that I’ve taken over the past year. Some you may have seen before, some are new. I often take a photograph purely because of the shadows, I love how light reflects and makes patterns – especially leaves, trees and plants. Having said that one of my favourites here is the mailboxes on Sunset Road in Joshua Tree. It was the shadows I saw first, not the mailboxes. Now all I need is some moon shadows!


Doorway in Sanur, Bali
Cafe Batavia. Jakarta
Sanur, Bali
Reflections of leaves through beach parasol. Sanur, Bali
Potted plants reflected on sand. Sanur, Bali
Oahu, Hawaii
Oahu, Hawaii
Oahu, Hawaii
Joshua Tree, California


Lottie Nevin, Oahu, Hawaii
Mailboxes in early morning sun. Sunset Road, Joshua Tree. California


Boat and hut. Sanur, Bali
Pink exterior wall. Sanur, Bali
Pink exterior wall with reflection of palm fronds. Sanur, Bali.

17 thoughts on “Me And My Shadow

  1. Lottie, all these photos are quite interesting. The number one for me though is the tree that either washed ashore or fell to the beach. Drift wood, trees, or logs that have washed ashore are fascinating to me. I also like the beach scenes of Hawaii and the scenes of Bali. Very nice photographing during your trip. Do you group your photos into folders in your computer. I need to download mine onto hard drive and keep putting it off but I


    1. In answer to your question NO! I don’t group anything and I wish that I did because I waste so much time trying to find stuff. Being more organised is something that I need to work on I fear!!

      I know what you mean about the hard drive – it’s so boring to do but so important especially if something goes wrong with your computer as was the case for me at Christmas…. I’ve managed to lose a lot of work through my own negligence. We need to have a chat soon about Pinterest, Twitter and Facebook – I haven’t forgotten! šŸ™‚


  2. Well here I go again with a crazy computer. All I need to do is hit the return key too hard and my comment flies away. Never mind the un-finished sentence. It was idle babble anyway. šŸ™‚


  3. The Doorway and The Beach Parasol….. These really rock. But beduwen is right, you have a gift. To be rather boring, I do group my photos into folders. I do also regularly back them up. I add tags and keywords. And I STILL can’t find anything. Of course if we all printed things it would be different. We’d take fewer photos for a start. And we could still lose the prints. But chances are we wouldn’t. A lot of Hesse deserve to be printed. Just a thought šŸ˜Š


    1. You are way too kind Andrew but I love your high-praise nonetheless, especially coming from you who I think of as an absolutely cracking photographer.

      You are right, if we had to print them we would take far fewer pictures – I know this because my favourite camera is an ancient Hasselblad. This is I use for work that I do with Pete – mostly all of it B&W portrait stuff but because it’s time consuming and expensive, I don’t take nearly so many photos which is a shame because the hand-prints are way superior in my opinion to digital.

      Thank you for your belief in me – I’m beginning to get more confident in the work that I produce but know that I still have a way to go! šŸ™‚

      Here are my first attempts at using a Hasselblad in 2010!


      1. Lottie, are these your shots or Pete’s? They have a rather sinister air about them with all the masked faces – not the soft romantic Venetian Carnival look at all. I have never been lucky enough to own or even use a Hasselblad. My “upmarket” gear is a Leica M9 and an old M3 from 1959. I have never tried medium format. For 3 years almost I have dabbled in street photography on and off and generally found myself unsuited to it. I don’t have the rapport with people that I feel with wildlife. I guess the moral of the story is to stick to what you know. Nevertheless I think I developed a much greater affinity for B&W doing ‘street’ and I still like landscapes in monochrome even though the modern trend to glow-in-the-dark landscapes is alluring. A Hassie for landscapes. Now that would be nice. I think you either have a creative streak or you don’t. You can probably learn it to a degree but not hit the heights. And that’s why I shall never try photography for a living. Its just for fun.


      2. Andrew these are my first ever shots using a Hasselblad that we borrowed. They are rather sinister but part of the work that Pete wanted to make for his doctorate. I found it very difficult to focus and it was all new and unfamiliar to me but I was quite pleased with the end results. I dug into my savings and bought a very old Hasselblad a couple of years ago which I love but don’t use as much as I should like. It came on a trip to Kenya with us and I nearly got eaten by a lioness in the process – she didn’t like the sound of it as I rolled the film on! Our driver took out his gun and held it until she eventually walked away in disgust.

        I think it’s great that we all work differently – I could never take the fabulous bird and animal shots that you do – I like to chat to people as I take their photos, get a bit of banter going.

        I agree about the monochrome landscapes too. All the photographers that I most admire primarily stick to B&W and there must be a reason for it! BTW you can pick up old very servicable Blads for not a huge amount. I’m jealous of your Leica šŸ™‚


  4. I would be hard pressed to choose a favorite, Lottie. I love them all. And though we cannot live without the light, I do believe it is the shadows that make both photography and life interesting. Lovely work, Sis! xoxo


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