Race You Back Irishman!

Irishman and I have stolen four days away from Jakarta to visit Yogyakarta.


Yogya is like a breath of fresh air compared to Jakarta, not just metaphorically, but quite literally. I will feel sad leaving tomorrow but hopefully we will have a chance to return again soon.





These Becak’s has been Irishman’s and my preferred method of transport during our stay and we’ve had a lot of fun riding around in them. These colourful bikes make a welcome change from Jakarta’s noisy Bajaj’s, belching out their toxic fumes into the already heavily polluted atmosphere.

Sitting in the back of a bajaj in Jakarta




I have lots of stories to tell about our visit and of course lots of photos but for now here’s a glimpse of us on our travels!


I turned round to say hello to the driver, but all I got was an eye full of his crotch – let’s call this one the alternative ‘Becak shot’ OR ‘A Birds eye-full’


16 thoughts on “Race You Back Irishman!

  1. Nice photos Lorrie. Did you visit the Kraton and watch the Wayan poppen.? That city is the seat of Javanese culture and has some very good shops with original batik materials. Many of the elderly still spoke Dutch.
    We were there for a week some years ago. We liked it and from there visited Borubudur..(spelling).


    1. Hello Gerard – Yes, we’ve packed a lot of stuff in and I shall be writing about it all soon. Absolutely love it here, such a nice change from Jakarta – not a high rise in sight and you can breathe!


  2. These are great. The one guy that appeared passed out. Was he is a “drunken stupor?” Then there was a follow up that seems he had revived a bit. Any hoo, all of that looked like great fun.


    1. These were the two drivers who took us around Yogya – they had a great sense of humour! They were ‘playing to the gallery’ in these pictures and I was laughing so much which is why they are out of focus!


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