Snapshots of Jakarta

Pasar Mayestik
Batik Belanda at Erasmus Huis. Jakarta







Glowing rambutans. Pasar Tebet
Breakfast table in Bali with Ikat batik tablecloth and marigolds


Lottie playing around with plastic toys bought in Pasar Mayestik


Ojek riders taking a break in Jakarta

It’s been a busy week with lots going on here in Jakarta. There’s always something that captures my eye when I’m out and about on my travels and the photos above are just of a few of the things that I saw this week and couldn’t resist taking a picture of. The photo of the fruit is from last weekend when we went to Bali – Today I am sat at my desk in Jakarta looking out of our large window down onto the traffic below. The football field in front of our apartment comes alive most afternoons when children and teenagers kick their beloved footballs around and men fly small motorised model aeroplanes which make alarming spluttering sounds, and let off lots of smoke.

When we had the floods back in January, the pitch was underwater for 2 days until the water subsided and drained away. It’s now looking greener than ever but judging from the clouds it’s a safe bet to say that the rain is on it’s way! Have a great weekend folks.




23 thoughts on “Snapshots of Jakarta

  1. Hi Lottie – it’s amazing to see your view. Must be quite rare to look out on such a slice of green in the city. My overriding memory of Jakarta was a concrete coloured grey-ness – the skyline has certainly changed though. The hijab fashion mannequins are great. That’s one thing that is changing – I can’t recall any women wearing the hijab in Java when we lived there is 73 – although women would cover their heads to go to the mosque. It was usual for men to always wear a peci / songkok (which term is commonly used now?)


    1. Hello Chas! Lots of women wear the hijab here but embarrassingly I can’t answer your question on the peck/songkok…back to school for Lottie!

      The skyline is marvellous – especially when it’s back lit with the wonderful sunsets that we often get or those dramatic black clouds that herald the onset of rain. Actually looking out of the window they seem to have vanished so my weather forecasting skills are not up to scratch, and I certainly would make a hopeless weather girl!

      When I first arrived here I though of Jakarta in rather the same way as you, it did appear to be a vast grey concrete jungle. I’ve rather fallen in love with place now and so overlook the ugly side and focus my attentions instead on the bits that make me smile/laugh and inspire me in some way.

      Jakarta may well have drawn the short straw in the beauty department, but it makes up for it many other ways. Life here is certainly never dull!


      1. It must be amazing. I think my memory comes mainly from the tourist staple – the trip between the airport to the hotel – so we never really explored the city itself. Looking forward to more posts from where you are.
        The songkok (I had to look up the name) is the black cap that men usually wore.


      2. Ah! yes, the men wear them to prayers but I don’t think I’ve seen men wearing them in the street unless they are on their way to prayers.

        Jakarta is huge and I still get lost! Normally I get orientated quite quickly in a city but here it’s taking longer to get my head around – mainly I suspect because the drivers all have different routes that they take to get from A-B. They are known as the Jalan Tikus or rat runs


  2. Lucky to overlook the green soccer park. Do the young and old still play chess.?
    Here autumn has begun but is still pretty balmy. Thanks for visiting my latest story about sausages and Kant. (E) We are getting warm about visiting Bali in the next couple of months or so. Hope to catch up with you.


    1. Gerard this is fantastic news about you visiting Bali. How exciting!

      Yes, Chess is as popular as ever. You see people playing it all over the place – it’s almost like the national sport here!

      I loved your post about the sausages and Kant. Hope Helvi didn’t tick you off too much for having 4 of them 😀


  3. Not a bad view, Lottie. I scanned the buildings but don’t think I can see our office. I think the baby baths are cute. The ducks look rather perplexed by it all. Did they come as a package?


  4. I don’t know if you read this post Andrew?
    but it’s one of my favourite haunts in Jakarta. A treasure trove full of kitsch, plastic and dust!
    I found the ducks and the baby baths the other day – they were not sets but I was thinking about making some work with them. I had a lot of fun messing about with them as you can see. Sometimes things don’t quite translate as one imagines but that’s all part of the process!

    It’s not a bad view is it? That neat oblong of green is a treat, a veritable sight for sore eyes against the traffic and towering buildings that surround it. It’s very noisy living on what is basically a traffic island but I do love this view!


  5. I was informed the other day that here in Bali the women are very competetive about their kebayas and wouldn’t be caught dead in an outdated style. It looks like the Muslim women may have a similar thing going with the hijab.


    1. oh yes! You see some tres chic hijabs round town. I think I need to take a leaf out of these fashion conscious Muslim and HIndu ladies – I need to smarten up my act a bit. I used to be such a snappy dresser but I’ve become a bit of a slob. One desperate habit I have managed to wean myself of though is wearing my dastah but you know all about that! and you know why I had too!! 😉


    1. I think you’ve seen most of these on Facebook this week 🙂

      I’m a bit obsessed with the mannequins here. They are in some sort
      of European time warp – I’ve yet to discover an authentic looking Asian model. Maybe they have them in the classier stores? It’s most odd.

      Catchya later masha patata xxx


  6. whoever would think there could be so many different styles/colours for hijabs? Great photos, as ever.


    1. Oh yes indeed! There are lots and lots of different styles and colours. I think the Guardian wrote something in the fashion section this week on them. I’ll root out the link that a friend put on fbk and see if I can get it on here! Thanks for reminding me 🙂


  7. I love the pictures of the creepy mannequins and those babies in the bathtub have the most disturbing eyes!


    1. I have a suspicion that the creepy baby eyes are because he’s got soap in his bottom and it’s stinging!

      Glad you like the photos Steve, I find window and shop displays here fascinating. There is so much that appeals to me about this place, so much that makes me smile. I don’t know if you clicked on the link that I did in reply to Andrew’s comment but that is my favourite shop in Jakarta. I think you and the Mrs would love it too for all the same reasons! Great to hear from you. Lottie 😀


  8. I really like the pictures of the creepy-looking mannequins, Lottie. And the toy babies’ eyes are very disturbing indeed! They’re frightening the poor ducks!


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