Through My Eyes

I arrived in Bali at 9am this morning after an early start. It’s now the afternoon, Buddha Bar is playing on the iPod, the smell of Nag Champa incense is filling the air, and until just a minute ago, I had a very handsome cricket sitting next to me on the sofa.

Irishman, at this very moment is on a plane wending his way over to Germany so for the first time in ages I’m alone. Left to my own devices, and not having to think about anyone else, I’m having an indulgent day, lazing about and taking some photographs. This is what I’ve been up to so far….







I love watching the sun move around the garden – the bright colours of the exterior walls make a perfect backdrop for the flowers and plants. The huge pots form Jogja have now arrived and one of my jobs next week is to paint them.

And lastly, my good friend Mr Jiminy Cricket who has vanished for the moment but I suspect will be back just as soon as he hears the POP Β of the cork out of the wine bottle!



29 thoughts on “Through My Eyes

  1. Sensational colours Lottie. Beautiful garden you must have. So unlike Germany as I recall. Somehow I think you got the better end of the stick this time. Enjoy!


    1. Thanks Andrew – I’ve certainly got the better end of the stick weather wise! The garden is looking good. It’s not large but it’s quite fun because of the mad colours we’ve painted the outside walls and I’m looking forward to painting the huge pots that I bought on the Jogja trip and have at last arrived – amazingly still in one piece πŸ˜€


    1. Hello Gerard. Funny that you should mention campur – i rather fancied it for lunch but sadly the warung up the road was closed so that put pay to that little gastronomic treat!

      The pictures are quite abstract. I made them that way intentionally. I view the subject as if I were to paint it, or make it part of a painting.


  2. Jiminy is a handsome fellow and a fine companion…not at all demanding and good for a smile. And your abstracts playing with the garden light and shapes are very creative and enjoyable.
    How nice for you to have some time just for yourself. Enjoy it, I am sure you will, and best wishes for accomplishment and pleasure during your time in Bali.


    1. Thanks Steve πŸ˜€ I’m having a pretty good time so far!

      Glad you liked the pictures – I’m love how the light changes in the garden and casts different shadows depending on what time of the day it is. Today has been particularly lovely (it’s still the rainy season here) and everything looked very bright and fresh – this is only my 3rd visit to the house since Christmas so I’m enjoying being able to spend longer here this time.


      1. Your garden sounds like a lot of fun. Ours is more spread out around the yard and a bit haphazard but enjoyable as well. Not much to look at right now. πŸ™‚


      2. Spring will soon be with you Steve! One of the joys of living in this sort of climate is the fact that we have so much sunshine. Which lends itself to wonderful bright colours and outdoor living all year round. Jakarta is different of course because I have no outdoor space there, just a teeny-weeny balcony that makes me want to throw up every time i have to go out onto it because of my vertigo! It’s very nice to have space here and to be able to breath in fresh air and have peace and quiet. I relish it!


      3. Aauugghh! Vertigo! You and me both sister. When courting Mary Beth (just a word for it…I never did ask Frank for permission) she lived on a third floor. I could just barely handle that balcony and a few years back had to hang a 20 foot long stage curtain….couldn’t do it and had to get my co-workers to do it while I gave direction from below. One time my then boss and I were hanging drapes in a concert hall and it was all I could do to climb the scaffold with my arms and legs wrapped around the pipes and carry the curtain. I’ve a few more but this is your blog so I’ll stop there. πŸ™‚

        We are seeing more and more signs of Spring, but when I set out this am it was starting to snow. No accumulation but just enough to let me know who was in charge.

        That image you posted the other day for vertigo fans was too much. Did you see the video someone posted similar? I think there is something not quite kosher there. The guy hung by a finger or two from a girder and was swinging like a monkey hundreds of feet above nothing.

        Enjoy your “down to earth” garden all the more then.


      4. I’m glad I’m not alone – no seriously! I climbed a really small apple tree when I was a kid and couldn’t get down. I actually threw up between the branches as just looking down made me feel ill!! – this video you mention, what is it? you may have to post me the link – cheap thrills and all that! Or put it on my facebook wall – you know I’ve got a bit of thing about vertigo going on there!

        It’s only 9pm here but I think I’m going to ‘retire’ as they say – I’ve got a good book to read and after my very early start this morning I’m feeling quite tired now. Speak soon!


      5. I’ll try to find it but it was on FB a while ago so I am not sure I can find it.

        Pleasant dreams….but no dreaming about Vertigo…unless it’s the movie. πŸ™‚


      1. Yes-looking forward to checking out the city…and doing some birthday shopping! πŸ™‚ We are considering a year abroad next year…


      2. Great idea – Berlin is full of movers and shakers! Fantastic art scene too. Wrap up, I think it’s cold there right now – Happy Birthday shopping!


    1. Thanks Chas! What synchronisity! I was just about to comment on your post and I saw that you had just commented on mine!!

      The colours are VERY sumptuous..we had a lot of fun painting all the exterior walls last year. I wrote a post called ‘A Bright Idea’ which if you have time read because it will give you a bit of background about why we did it. Right off to comment on your post! X


      1. Oh lovely – I will take a look. We’re about to have to do a bit of exterior house painting over Easter – which I’m not looking forward to – it’s an old weatherboard house so lots of prep.


    1. Sherry, I”m borrowing this one from a friend as my camera is bust for the moment 😦

      I’m using a Canon EOS 60D with my Canon Macro 100mm lens. I’ve not used a macro lens before so I’m on a learning curve!


    1. No, these were taken with a Canon using a macro lens. Much as I love using my iphone for taking pictures with, I could never have got these particular shots! πŸ™‚


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