Fritz & Otto: Why They Didn’t Move To Indonesia.

I’m re-blogging this as it ties in well with the post that I wrote earlier today about plumbers!

Lottie Nevin - The Red House Diaries

It was a heartbreaking decision to have to leave our two dachshunds behind when we moved  to Indonesia 18 months ago. The truth is that they would have hated it here. The heat and humidity, the nowhere to go for nice walks, the traffic and noise, the lack of green spaces to gallop in….not least all the new pathogens and parasites that their little bodies would have had to got used too. Believe me when I tell you how much time I spent  in the couple of months before we moved out here, getting in touch with animal and livestock transport specialists, sizing up crates, filling in various forms, working out vaccines and meds, seeing how long they would have to be in quarantine before they could leave the airport in Jakarta. My heart sank to my toes when I realised what sheer hell that they would both have to…

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6 thoughts on “Fritz & Otto: Why They Didn’t Move To Indonesia.

  1. What a great story. Well done Otto. A chunk of Tarquin would have been well deserved. Our neighbours are taking about 10 of their rescue dogs the other way, to Ireland. Houses in HK are rare enough and the overwhelming majority are modestly sized, a standard village house being 2100 sq feet. So these dogs will be going from that to 7 acres. I think they’ll enjoy it. It is a constant challenge to find places for rescue dogs, feral or abandoned. People leaving HK are always looking to rehouse their pets. It’s very sad. You are lucky Fritz & Otto found good homes and a continuing supply of bacon. (Whatever happened to Hans? Max Bygraves always insisted you need Hans……). Castle Andrew is closing down for the night shortly and when I wake up I suspect it will have turned back into the usual pumpkin. I shall share this story with Lulu in the morning as she’s already fast asleep in her basket. Zzzzzzz


    1. Glad you enjoyed reading it Andrew. I think it’s great that your friend is taking all the rescue dogs over to Ireland, it sounds like their quality of life will be greatly improved – especially with all those acres to romp around in.

      The trouble was, that bringing Fritz und Otto out here would not have enhanced their quality of life, I think they would have made quite a dirty protest to be honest!

      Definitely time to raise the drawbridge here at Chateau Lottiesville – it’s been rather a long day!


    1. They are heaven! I was brought up with dachshunds, not smooth, the wire-haired variety but various Dutch Aunts kept them and Oma had long-haired ones. They are the most wilful of creatures but I adore them!


  2. I am still attempting to catch up with reading your posts. Re-homing your dachies was the best decision. It would have been awful for them. They are wee dogs and all the trauma is not good for dogs or cats. Bad enough for people let alone an animal that can not understand.. If you do acquire a pet somehow or the other, I hope and pray that you will ensure it or they have the safest flight to England or whereever you go. I hate hearing of people obtaining a pet overseas and then attempt to find a new home for it. In your case the matter is an entirely different one. England is your native land and where you were living. The prospect of a good new home for them was in my opinion ,100% guaranteed…


  3. Thanks Yvonne. We won’t be getting any dogs or cats whilst we are out here for the very reasons that you mention. I couldn’t bear to go through the trauma again of leaving a dog/cat behind and I wouldn’t want to put them through the misery of being re-located. When we finally decide where we are going to put down roots in our dotage, that is when I shall be tempted to get another dachsie but not until I’m 100% sure that we won’t be doing any more re-locating. The dogs are so happy in their new home, they are very lucky and so are we to have found them such a lovely place to live.


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