Hoppy Easter


Languishing in the bath this morning I spotted this tiny, intrepid toad climbing up the wall of the outside shower. I clambered out of the bath dripping wet, and slid across the marble floor to the bedroom, to grab my camera. Stark naked, I then raced back into the bathroom and out into the shower to record his brave ascent on camera. By the time I’d got the lens cap off, he’d taken a dramatic backwards leap and had plunged several feet down and into a flower pot.


toad-in-front-of-lens-capMercifully, the tiny toad’s free-falling had not resulted in broken limbs; if it dented his pride, he hid it very well. For a few moments he allowed me to take some pictures before hopping out of the plant pot and crashing another 6 inches onto the pebbles below.


You’ve got to admire his bravery, warts and all!

This is my first Easter alone, (apart from having tiny toad around of course). Irishman is still in Germany on his artists residency, and the kids are all in the UK. It’s a bit lonely but I’m sure I’ll think of something wild to get up to today!

Hoppy Easter to you all!


14 thoughts on “Hoppy Easter

  1. Whoops! Thanks for the reminder. Easter almost slipped by totally unnoticed. At Christmas there are hints. On Valentine’s Day the Balinese taxi drivers waiting in the street will wish me Happy Valentine’s Day. But Easter? Not a sign. Happy Easter to you, Lottie!


  2. Cute photos of the darling prince to be or prince in waiting. That’s too bad that you were alone for Easter. I don’t even think of it as a holiday anymore. Very small family with one son doing his own thing and my daughter too sick to even have company. So we all have different things going in our lives. Things change so much as the years roll by. But I did enjoy seeing that tiny toad. I think you did very well with your camera.


  3. How cool is he? And I love the intrepid Lottie who took a death-defying leap out of the bath to record this darling frog! Awesome!!

    And your painting of the hot bunny is gorgeous. Vibrant and very happy (hoppy). Beautiful work, Sis! xoxo


    1. It was a bit death-defying! these marble floors are beautiful but very slippery when wet.
      The little toad was too sweet not to photograph. I hope that you can gage his size by the lens cap – I think he was about 1/2 and inch long, teeny-tiny but massively courageous.
      Hope you had a Hoppy Easter too! xoxo


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