At The Crack Of Dawn

The call to prayer at 5am woke me from a deep sleep. The haunting, achingly beautiful sound of the muezzin called out to me ‘Wake up’ ‘Wake up Lottie’. I admit that the temptation to roll over, put a pillow over my head and go back to sleep was strong but my desire to see the sunrise was stronger. Bleary eyed I showered, dressed and headed off into the darkness at 5.30am.

The 10 minute walk from our home stay to the beach was quiet save for cockerels crowing and the sound of the occasional villager starting their day. Two horses, who must have broken lose from their tetherings, trotted down the lane in front of me then veered off to the right and an old woman swept her doorstep in the half-light.

By the time I had got to the beach there was the most beautiful light. Dawn had broken. The sky was cloudy and I knew from previous experience of getting up early to photograph a sunrise that this didn’t bode well for the red and pink stained sky that I was so hoping for.

No matter. How often do we get the chance to be alone with our thoughts on a beach like this?
After I finished taking the photographs, I headed back to the home stay to rouse my sleeping friend Stewart before heading out again for breakfast. He’s now out free diving and I’m holed up in my office (aka Gili CafΓ©) – it could be a lot worse



















22 thoughts on “At The Crack Of Dawn

  1. Just like a travel log. These are all so good even if you did not get the sunrise for which you had hoped. I really enjoy reading about what you are doing, seeing, and about the people.It transports to another world. Thank you.

    ~ Yvonne ~


    1. My pleasure Yvonne and I’m so happy that you enjoy reading about my travels. Living here in Indonesia I have such fantastic opportunities to visit places that I could only ever dream about before. Days like these spent on Gili Trawangan make up for the time that I have to spend in Jakarta – fresh air, sea breeze and peace are all great salves for the soul xx


      1. Wonderful Lottie. Am computerless since I returned the new to Hp. Have not ordered online form Costco yet. My old one acted up again and I took one more time. Am at the libary.

        I feel you are a lucky woman. You have to know that you bring smiles to the faces of many people through your photos. Ivreally like the B & W of the people. Those photos are truly good.

        I am so glad that you can enjoy those wonderful places. It sounds restful for the body and the soul

        Take care,


  2. Thank you Lottie. Dawn on Trawangan is magical – especially if Rinjani is out for a viewing. Lovely pix!. It seems they must have got a new sound system at the mosque for the Virtual Muezzin, if you were woken by haunting sounds rather than a scratchy banshee wail. That’s good too πŸ™‚

    By the way, try the Guatemalan coffee at the Gili Deli on the corner near the night market. Fantastic! They do good ice cream too.


    1. I shall definitely try out the Guatemalan coffee, and the ice cream it sounds lush!

      Can’t fault the muezzin, it is really, almost tear jerkingly beautiful – quite unlike our locals over in Jakarta. I guess when you don’t have to compete with 100’s of others it’s a whole different ball game.


    1. Yes, sorry Hayley!! I forgot to mention the 8 legged beast! I saw him dangling from a tree early this morning. The biggest spider outside of a zoo that I’ve ever seen πŸ˜€ He was about 6 inches wide…..

      I tend to wake early wherever I am in Indonesia. If’ it’s not a mosque, it’s a Bali cockerel or something else…ratty perhaps creeping around upstairs in the ceiling!


  3. A little bit of paradise. Wonderful pictures. Beats spending the day fighting with IT to try and get hooked up to the bank network. My favourites are the guy walking away from you on the beach and the bikes leaning against the wall – a touch of the everyday in paradise.


    1. Absolutely! Oh those wasted hours spent sorting out IT and banks, drives Irishman nuts.

      I’ve left my office now and am thinking what to do next in Paradise – umm, maybe a coconut on the beach, or maybe a siesta for the silver surfer! It was an early start after all πŸ™‚


  4. It looks like you had some fun on the beach, Lottie. Another nice collection. I like the man walking away and the reeds sticking out of the water the best. For the reeds though I think a composition with the curled up leaves (which look a bit spiderish btw πŸ™‚ ) more dominant in the frame and losing those sticking in from the bottom while introducing a bit more of the uppers would be stronger. Just my opinion and others will differ.
    I enjoy your forays around your paradise as I most likely will never experience these places. Thanks.


    1. Glad you are enjoying the forays! I’m not sure what pic you mean with the reeds? The spider pic is a bit of a lol – he was dangling from the branches of a tree on the walk back. I couldn’t resist taking a photo though he was about 14ft up so I couldn’t get any detail πŸ˜€


  5. We don’t have muezzin in Brazil, if we did, I would opt for the pillow-over-the-head. But I must agree, the morning is the best part of the day, especially if it involves coffee.



    1. I love getting up early only because the morning is my most productive time of the day. The more I can pack in between 5am and 2pm the better. After that I have a bit of a slump with a small peak again around 5pm but then it’s downhill all the way from there!

      AV, I don’t think you could deal with Jakarta. We have 6 mosques close to where we live – the sound at 4am is deafening!


  6. Love the pictures! Surprised you were able to get a shot of a cat. When I was in Indonesia the cats wouldn’t let me take pictures of them.


    1. The cats here all make a bee line for me! I had one curled up on my lap for most of yesterday in my ‘office’. I think the reason these ones are so friendly is because they are used to people. Most of the cats, probably 99% of the cats in Jakarta are feral so they are not as friendly. The cats of Gili all look quite healthy too – I think they get quite a few treats given to them from the tourists. The reason that so many of them have short, almost stumpy tails is apparently down to so much in-breeding. When I first moved to Indonesia I thought that people cut off their tails when they were kittens! No! they don’t but it’s very rare to see a cat with a long tail.


  7. I like nothing better than being alone with my thoughts on a beach or any where else in nature. There is something very soothing about these experiences.

    Lovely, peaceful photographs, Lottie. xoxo


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