Taming Of The Shrew


I’m now back in Bali after a glorious 4 day visit to the Gili Islands. Before I get cracking with my next Gili post, I thought you might like to see who rocked up in our kitchen yesterday evening. As Irishman was sat quaffing wine at the kitchen table, Minuscule, Mr Shrewsbury made a bee line for his feet and started to climb over them as though they were some sort of smelly rodent adventure playground. Irishman has now taken on the mantle as St Francis of Assisi albeit with stinky feet. As I crouched down to take his photo he let out a shrill shriek – hence his wonderful expression caught on camera.

17 thoughts on “Taming Of The Shrew

    1. He sure did wail like a banshee! After the poser had finished pooping on Pete’s socks I made haste to the broom cupboard. When I blew this picture up and saw those teeth…..


    1. It is indeed! I can just about deal with him because of his size – it’s that great big black brute that keeps getting wedged behind the fridge that freaks me out!


  1. Huuu, Ratty looks really wild :-/ Hope for you that’s he is not the leader of a Pat-Pack 😉
    All the best from sunny and warm (first day with spring-feeling) Berlin !


  2. Oh dear. I don’t mind rats, actually. I do not, however, wish to have them sitting and screaming on my bare feet. I’m sure my shriek would have drowned out his! Awesome shot, Lottie!


  3. Now that is cute. I think. Just joking Lottie. The shrew is sort of a cute little booger. I had not idea that any of the rodent family would be bold enough to climb upon a human or is it that the little thingy has poor eyesight and does not know where is it going? 😉


    1. He seems to have quite good eyesight. I’ve been dotting bits of toast and nibbles around the kitchen for him and he darts out from behind the fridge to get them within seconds of me putting them down! Not sure what’s happened this week but he’s got a sore leg.

      I’m a little nervous of him as last weekend he went and played the “I want to sit on your foot” game with our guest and actually sunk his teeth into our friends feet! OUCH!


      1. Oh, I see. How odd. Do these little boogies transmit rabies? That was my original thought. Perhaps you might want to check that out. It is 99.9% highly unlikely. I always worry about rabies but I think that where you are the bats are the vectors so I don’t believe the bats and the shrew mix but one never knows. Oh let me shut up. I have probaly scared the —– out of you.

        Maybe his leg was caught in something or the other. Hope he/she does not raise a family in your house. What happened to the rat/mouse? Did the shrew run it/him away?


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