All Fur Coat And No Knickers

I had THE perfect opportunity to take a photograph of a naked man on Sunday and I fluffed up. The invitation was there and I declined. So much for the boldness that I always hark on about, in this instance my hands where shaking so much that it was all I could do to steady my camera enough to take a photograph of his face.

Anyway, having now seen 2 naked Indonesian men in the space of 6 months I feel honour and duty bound to dispel any myths there may be about Asian penis size. They are not petit-o that’s for sure.

Instead of a tasteful Art nude , in the vein of Helmut Newton say, which is what I’d loved to have put on here today, Β all I can produce is a bunch of lotus flowers, a kite and the naked man in question but from the neck up. The rest I’ll have to leave to your imagination.












24 thoughts on “All Fur Coat And No Knickers

    1. Siouxie he was pretty perfect in every way! No seriously, getting back to the teeth they were indeed an excellent set of canines and molars. pearly white and straight as you say. Nudity is not something that you encounter much of in Indonesia. Topless bathing is frowned upon everywhere (being an Islamic state) but on occasion I have seen naked men. It’s quite common to see people washing in rivers and I guess this guy was just having a good wash in the sea. Anyway he was very friendly and we had a nice chat about the weather as one does! πŸ˜€


  1. I have been curious about the size of the equipment, not having had the viewing opportunities that seem to drop into your lap, so to speak. I’m glad you demystified that somewhat delicate issue, verbally at least.


    1. Sherry I’m amazed that you haven’t seen nude men in Bali?? I’ve seen quite a few men starkers washing in the rivers and one guy was just standing by the side of the road letting it all hang out. It may of course be something to do with being in the right place at the right time or not depending on which way you look at it!


  2. great photos as ever; I really don’t think I need to see any more of the man. Gets to a point where you really have seen enough penises, Indonesian or other. I must be getting old to say that. I like the kite picture.


    1. I did have a laugh when I read your comment – I shall refrain from saying too much in case Irishman reads this…

      Great to hear from you and I’m glad you like the rather surreal kite picture, thank you.


  3. Lottie, I am going to be traveling tomorrow, so am letting you know today that I have nominated you for a Liebster Blog Award. My post tomorrow will explain it and invite you to accept and participate, if you’d like. Great blog!



  4. You are too funny! When I saw this post come through on my email I did a double take in the title! Then I pounded on my phone screen to open it immediately.

    While you are a filth tease today, as usual your stunning photos save the day. And the man looks lovely… Thanks for squashing the myth then telling me to use my imagination. I owe you one. :p


  5. Lord have Meeeercy again. You make me laugh. The man looks quite pleased with himself. He must be well endowed. πŸ™‚ The man wil be saying, “the foreign woman took my picture but she only showed my face.” πŸ™‚ Great pics, all of them.


  6. No complaint here as I get to see a naked man daily. Handsome devil and quite grand but after a while…meh.

    The hoverfly is a loved beastie of mine so there is my favorite if we are picking, but all are nice and as a flower guy I really enjoy seeing all your loti so well displayed.


    1. Thanks Steve. Well, that’s a huge compliment because you take THE most stunning flower pictures.

      I’m sure you are very handsome in your birthday suit πŸ˜‰


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