Bunga Ratna Or Purple Friday

I took these photographs earlier this morning. I was in a sulk waiting for the rats to finish having noisy sex in the cupboard under the kitchen sink. All night long they had kept me awake playing kiss chase in the ceiling above my bed. To top it all, Mr Ratty then decided to get his end away at the very moment that I wanted to put the kettle on for my first cup of coffee of the day.

These beautiful flowers that Wayan arranged in a glass bowl for me are called Bunga Ratna. BUNGA RATNA indeed! I’m off to buy some traps.



28 thoughts on “Bunga Ratna Or Purple Friday

  1. Goodness Lottie, that’s a rather large header you have there! Hope you’ve got someone to dispose of the bodies for you!


  2. We use sticky boards to catch them – buy them from the local supermarket, probably in the “Household Essentials” section. And we have rat traps down courtesy of Biocycle. Indeed, the header is somewhat overwhelming. The first flowers you photographed we have here too. They are excellent for attracting insects (and rats). Lulu treats rats with disdain unless they come in organic chicken flavour. I am working on that one.


  3. Others have noted what is the first response. 🙂
    Well, I have a bleeding heart…as does Mary Beth…so we use live traps and take them away for a long ride without GPS to find their way back. But, of course, by they I mean mice. If it were rats we would try to find a piper and failing that traps as recommended.
    Bunga ratna is a lovely flower despite the connotation.


    1. Either way it’s not going to be pleasant. Things have got out of hand. I’ve had some lovely guests staying this weekend and we could hardly hear each other for the loud squeaks and activity coming from the cupboards and behind the fridge. Fortunately they had a great sense of humour but the rumpus was a little off putting, especially during dinner.


  4. Aren’t those flowers edible? I’m sure I used to pick the ones you call Bunga Ratna when I was little and chew the tops off. Sort of an oniony flavor. Do rats like onions?


    1. How interesting. I’m not sure whether they are edible. I shall have to eat one and find out. If you don’t hear from me again then you will know that something with the word RAT in it’s name was the end of me.


    1. Synchronicity is an extraordinary thing. I nearly spat my tea all over the table when Wayan told me! I’d not seen these flowers before but they reminded me a bit of clover flowers back in the UK I wanted to know what they were called. It did seem weird how everything on Friday morning had something ratty about it.


  5. Dang rats! You have a wonderful sense of humor about them and I must say, I’m not sure if I could!

    The flowers are gorgeous! Their color is wonderful and I love your photographs, as always, Lottie. xoxo


  6. I nearly died laughing when, having spent at least an hour or more talking about the rats and plotting a dastardly scheme to get rid of them, I asked what the flowers were called and this was the answer Bunga Ratna – I only wish rats where so sweet-smelling xoxo


  7. Yes indeed. Maybe we attract them AV? I saw another of the blighters this evening. He was running along the beam just above my head in the living room. It’s now over a week since I’ve written this post and I’ve still not got round to buying the traps – tomorrow is another day…..


  8. The flowers are beautiful and rats are no fun at all. I have experience of both. Not those particular flowers, or those particular rats, but many flowers, and for the last few years (in a particular season) – many rats.


    1. Yikes! It sounds similar to our problem here. These guys have moved in because there has been lots of building work going on close by and their previous habitat has been taken over. The bunga ratna remind me of clover flowers. They are often used as decoration when special offerings are made. Hope your rat problems are over and thanks for your comment. Lottie 😀


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