Testicles And Beaches, A Saturday In Indonesia

I had a rush of blood to the head yesterday and decided to purchase this new theme, MyStyle from WordPress. I thought it looked fabulous on the WP site and wanted a slice of the action. With just the click of a button, this all singing, all dancing new theme was mine. Marvellous! Except you need to know a teensy-weensy bit about computers to make it work. Thank goodness then for Irishmen. They can sing, they can dance and they can even make computers work! I hope you all like the new look!










34 thoughts on “Testicles And Beaches, A Saturday In Indonesia

  1. Yup. Looks brilliant. Is it a one off payment? And how much do you need to know about computers? Last shot is my favourite. The first does nothing or me. 🙊


    1. It is indeed a one off payment. just click on the button, pay up and look big.

      My debt to the Irishman is more complicated. I cannot write the details down here.


    1. YES!!! Lottie punches air! Thank you Amit 🙂
      It’s always a leap of faith trying out a new look so I’m thrilled you like it. I’ve been looking for something a bit different for a while and I think/hope this works.

      The street lights in Ubud are so incongruous but I love them


  2. The new look is really fresh, I remember Pete having these technical skills. Looking at your photo’s of late I’ve realised what is lacking with my photography, I need people shots and close ups!


    1. My cries for help on Fbk on Friday were for real! Thank goodness for Pete and 20 years knowledge of photoshop. I’d still be weeping otherwise. I’m glad you like the new look, I’m really pleased with it. I’ve been looking for something new for a while and this fits the bill.


  3. Much more fresh looking and I love the photos. I hope the piggy wasn’t going to market to market to buy etc. Perhaps he was taken somewhere to meet up with a nice curvaceous sow.


    1. Having kept pigs and know first hand just how difficult they can be to move around, I was mightily impressed with this duo. I like to think that he was being taken off to strut his stuff in front of a nice curvaceous sow too.
      Thrilled that you like the new look. It is much fresher and I like the magazine format a lot.


    1. Thank you Yvonne! I pleased with it too though it did take a lot of help from my technician to get it up and running in the way that I wanted it. That’s not to say that it’s complicated, more a case of me not having the technical know how or patience! Irishman can be very handy 😀


  4. Ahhhhh! I Love the Theme, The Testicles, the Beaches, the photos… you… I mean damn. What a way to start my Saturday with massive Hog Balls, beaches and beautiful photos. Thanks lady! xx


  5. Wow! Fancy Schmancy! Very nice, Lottie. Seems like the perfect theme to go with your blog.

    The photos are fabulous. The last one of the buildings is really cool. And what a handsome young man with the cigarette. Well done you! xoxo


    1. Fancy Schmancy!! I love that! Maybe WP can design a new theme with that name? I’ve been thinking about a change of theme for a while. I never really got on with the last one – possibly something to do with my never reading the blurb that said that Gigawatt is best for films and audio blogs – plainly something that I don’t do!

      What I fancied was more of a magazine type feel – yes I know this is hardly Harpers & Queen but there are lots of photos and stories and enough colour and hopefully variety to make it work. I did need my technician, it’s not as simple to set up as others but I’m pretty pleased with the result. I’m sure there’s more that can be done to make it even better but lets just say that it’s a work in progress!



  6. Great photography. The page theme is lovely. Not having seen the old one I have no idea how big a debt the Irishman holds over your head. I wish you fun in paying it off though.
    xx Hugs xx


    1. Thank you David and I’m glad you like it. I’m sure the dastardly Irishman has a few tricks up his sleeve!!

      I’ve had a busy weekend so haven’t had a chance yet, but I’m looking forward to catching up with your posts very soon. I’m excited to have discovered you through IK’s blog and it’s great to be now following you too. Lottie xx 😀


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