17 thoughts on “Black & White & Read All Over

    1. Thank you 😀

      Some of them are not as sharp as I would have liked. I wasn’t really in a mood for photos, it’s like that some days, I’m sure you understand! The boy with the invisible kite is actually a lovely picture in colour but I kept with the B&W theme. I’ll give the colour ones an airing soon! Appreciate your kind words Just Rod and thanks again, Lottie


  1. Sounds like a wonderful relaxing day! And I know what you mean, some days we just want to be and not do anything. Whether you were in the mood or not, I love these people-watching photos and portraits. You’ve captured some amazing faces, Sis. xoxo


    1. That’s exactly it. Sometimes I do ‘just want to be’ and switch off and not do anything but it’s hard for me (it’s also one of the reasons that I find it difficult to watch tv)

      I sat under the parasol on the beach and couldn’t help myself. If there is something that I see, a person or anything that captures my attention I have to photograph them/it. I often have images from the day buzzing around in my head and I kick myself if I haven’t at least attempted to capture them. I get the thought ‘If only I’d been there a second earlier, or why did I let that one go?’

      Light is something I’m going to have to work on. The sun here is high and strong which bleaches out some of the features, The best pictures are ones taken in partial shade. As all of my pictures are taken on the hoof so to speak I have to work with what I have. There’s still much for me to learn. It’s just luck if I manage to get a few good ones. Thanks Sis xoxo


  2. I have days like that and don’t usually do much. I see by these images that your mood may not have been in it but your eye was. I think the lot are pretty good stuff and especially the portraits.


  3. What can I add here? Well for a start these are all good with the portraits really good. You have shown the faces of some very photogenic people. They don’t seem to have any hangups about looking at the camera and I beieve it is because you exude sincerity with no pretention. The faces are marvelous. Everybody should be so lucky to get portraits that good. Black and white seems to be the format that i would personally use. I thinkl if gives depth and character to these portraits. Good work,Lottie. ~yvonne~


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