Life’s A Beach

It is a hard life being a fisherman or woman here on Bali. The following pictures were all taken at Jimbaran.
















25 thoughts on “Life’s A Beach

  1. Lottie,
    Your best photos yet. Life is hard for the locals. I wonder how much the locals share in the tourism bonanza of Bali?
    You have a knack of showing the Bali lived by the locals. Well done. I admire your creative eye.


    1. Thank you so much Gerard. Yes, life is very hard and difficult for many Balinese, especially the fishermen. They work so hard for so little. The beautiful lady featured towards the top of this post is one of my heroines. She tirelessly works the length and breadth of the beach looking for the tiny clam like shells in the sand. Scooping them out with her net, bent double in the blazing sun. As she was leaving to take her small catch up to the market, I stopped her and bought the whole lot off her for a handsome price. She nearly died with shock especially when I gave her back most of them to sell on, I think she thought I was mad.

      I took my couple of handfuls home and tried to make a soup with them but it was a disaster. Everyone was gagging! I think I hadn’t rinsed them enough and there was more sand than anything else!


  2. I agree with Gerard, your best photos yet. The one where you can see the flotsam in the wave before it breaks is just wonderful.


  3. Wonderful images. Can you tell us about these images. What are the stones? What about that design in the sand? What is the fisherman catching?
    The faces are outstanding. You have made me very curious.


    1. Hello Just Rod. I’m sorry, I haven’t been very good about describing what everything is, my apologies and I’m glad you’ve asked. If you click on any of my photos they all have a title. The design in the sand is fascinating. At some point in the afternoon all the little sand crabs make these weird alien sort of designs, not sure why or for what reason but they are lovely to look at. The tiny stones are actually tiny shells with a minute clam inside. The fishermen standing in the waves was picking these out of the sand with his hands and the beautiful lady at the top of the post always uses a net to catch hers. It’s back breaking work and takes about an hour to get a couple of mugs full.


      1. Thanks for the explanations. The crab pattern is remarkable. I guess they are digging in a circle for something and keep turning as they dig. You must really have made that lady’s day, buying all her shells and then giving most of them back – it was good of to shell-out like that…


      2. Love your way with words Just Rod! Yes, the crab patterns are remarkable and I have no idea how they make them. I need to do some research! They appear all down the beach 100’s and 100’s of them. A sort of beach art 😀


  4. Oh gee, My comments keep going away. I thought that I had clicked POST COMMENT but I suppose that I had not. These are all superb. I woul have named the post just as you did. Life is a beach. I’ve often used this expression here is the states as we say “life is a beach of bitch and then you die.

    These are excellent portraits of character. These women have worked hard for long days in the sun as revealed by the deeply etched lines of the faces.

    Excellent work, Lottie.


    1. Thank you Yvonne. I’m going to respond to your lovely comment later if I may. I’m out at the moment shopping but didn’t want you to worry that your comments hadnt come through to me, they have – they are hidden behind the top photo which you must have clicked on. Thank you 🙂 and I’ll write just as soon as I’m back home. Xx


      1. Not to worry Lottie. Don’t try to cover every little base. It just is not possible. You have your hands full doing all of the writing, photographing, and posting beside being a wife an a long distance mother. I am not sure how you manage to do so much. And your daughter is visiting and she needs your attention while she is there.


  5. Hi Lottie.
    This is a fine collection of images. Nice portraits and I also like the sand design, now known as Bali crabby art, very much. It is hardly random in appearance and possibly not in design either. Fascinating though. Are all those shells empty and, if so, why are they gathered? Jewelry?


    1. Thanks Steve. The shells are like tiny clams or something similar, when cooked they open and there is a the smallest morsel of seafood inside. I love the crabby art too. It’s all over the beach. They seem to do it a certain time of the day. Or, maybe they are the beach equivalent of crop circles perhaps?!


  6. Hi, I stumbled upon your blog as I was researching on Jimbaran Bay for a hotel project. I find that your photos are beautiful and you seem to have real-life experience being there. If it is possible, I would love to hear more personal stories of what you had observed on the beach, or any kind of interaction you had with the locals, any experiences which you find is ‘local’ within the neighbourhood of Jimbaran.
    – Kyrsten


    1. Hi Kyrsten, thanks for your comment 🙂 I no longer live in Indonesia but you can find more information about life on Bali on my blog – I wrote lots of posts on Bali and life in Jakarta. You can also email me if you have any questions. you will find all my details on the Contact Me at the top of this page.


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