2 thoughts on “bali-ibu-jimbaran-no-hat

  1. These are all telling a story. Deep facial lines from hours spent in the sun. As you have written- back breaking work.

    What are the tiny shells used for? Are they for decorative or eating purposes?

    Actaully, I think your tittle is perfect. I often say life is a beach or beech and sometimes I just say life is a bitch and then you die. I think it describes these photos very well since you have shown the faces of the two older women and it is quite obvious that life has not been good to them.

    I’ll keep repeating myself here. These are good. The monochrome or black and while (whatever one prefers to call pics with no color) of the people that you have been photographing are spot on for what I call character portraits. Characher portrait is my own made up description. Maybe other people have called this sort of photo by this name and I am just not aware of it.

    I like these very much and I think that you should continue to pursue these photos that depict the ordinary person in their daily lives.

    Great work, Lottie. 🙂 ~yvonne~


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