Arachnids & Kids

Having been spoilt rotten and spent the past 8 weeks in Bali, it’s a bit of a rude shock now being back in Jakarta. The two places are as different as chalk and cheese. Each have their good and bad points as anywhere, but they may as well be two different planets from a living point of view. I’m fine once I’m back in the urban groove but it always takes a little time to adjust. Because of this I thought I’d set myself a challenge. I’ve been very inspired by Andrew Hardacres current trip to Cambodia and the fabulous street photography and portraits that he’s been posting on his blog All downhill from here

Now I ain’t no Andrew Hardacre when it comes to photography, he’s a real pro, but I’m enjoying using my Canon and especially with the macro lens that Irishman bought for me as a wedding anniversary gift last year.
Up until now all the photographs I have taken of Jakart to date (the past 20 months) have been with my iphone. Using a mobile when out in public has many advantages. First off it’s discreet. You can take photographs of people and they don’t even know it, you can take photos and edit them on the go with filters at the touch of a button. You can get away with all sorts of things that you just can’t when you’ve got a large bit of black, expensive looking kit hanging around your neck.

My self-imposed challenge is to go out into the streets and markets with my camera and try to bring to you some of the scenes and sights that I see daily living in Jakarta. I started my challenge yesterday and I will write about it in more detail when I post the first of the pictures up tomorrow. What I will say, if yesterday was anything to go by , is that this is going to be a lot more challenging than I originally thought it would be.

For now here are the last of the photographs taken in Bali at the kampung last Saturday. The photograph of the boys is my favourite. They saw Irishman and I and they immediately started chanting Chelsea FC songs. How could they have known that my old man has supported Chelsea since he was their age?

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30 thoughts on “Arachnids & Kids

    1. Hehehehe!! Aren’t they amazing? I love that skull, I’ve never seen anything like it. A sort of pirate spider. I can’t remember the Balinese name for a spider but it means something like happy I think?


      1. Ah! That’s the one! Thanks Sherry 🙂
        I’m so forgetful but I remembered that it sounded like a sweet name. I’m sure Wayan said it meant happy or something similar xx


    1. Crikey, I’d forgotten about the money aspect – I really hope so too. If that’s true (and this was a humungous sized spider) then I’m in for a windfall! 😉


  1. Really looking forward to seeing the results of your street challenge. Right before I left Jakarta, as with any place I have lived in, I became obsessed with photographing the average things one passes everyday, the things that slowly fade from memory after a few years. I ended up with my expensive camera around my neck, and I said screw it, and kicked a soccer ball around with some kids in the kampung and they told me I was ‘keren’, cool. Got some great photos, and an even better workout. I’ll have to edit some day soon. Thanks for this post.


    1. Very Keren! and I look forward to seeing yours too 😀
      So much of this is based on chance and just being in the right place at the right time. I’m enjoying my challenge and though I may only get a few ‘goodies’ it’s a fun process. Children are always great to photograph because they don’t have the hang-ups that adults have. Bali is different but here in Jakarta they are much more reserved.


  2. The shot of the kids is great…so much life and joy. And the nature images are pretty good too, Lottie. The butterfly is gorgeous, the grasshopper handsome and the spider pretty fetching as well. Quite a happy coincidence the kids gave you a Chelsea chorus. 🙂


    1. It was a very happy coincidence! They were so sweet. I wish that I’d got the running away shot in focus but I thought about taking it just 2 seconds too late! hey ho 😀


  3. LOVE the photos of those children – well composed yet I know they were taken on-the-fly! Awesome job.
    Serious camera envy here since my new $80 camera… replacing my expensive camera-turned-paper weight… takes CRAP photos!! I may go back to my iPhone.


    1. I really enjoy using my iphone and I’ve downloaded lots of free apps that really help to enhance certain shots. I wrote a post called All Fur coat and no knickers about the apps that I use if you are interested. I’d definitely stick to the iphone for the moment if you are not happy with the photos that your new camera is taking. It’s not a bad camera at all. I follow a few blogs of people who are passionate about iphoneography – it’s quite inspiring the photographs that they produce.

      I must admit that I’m thrilled with the Canon. The macro is a gorgeous lens and much more versatile than I thought. I have one other lens that does a bit of both but the macro seems to be the one that I use most. I’m still very much a beginner and I have so much to learn. I’m not a photographer but I love taking pictures. Hope that makes sense?! 😀


  4. Gorgeous photos. I literally l literally laughed out loud when I read about the Chelsea fans and saw them dancing.
    The spider close up is particularly good.
    Looking forward to the results of your challenge.


    1. Thanks Rod. Yes, I must admit that we were in stitches too! Quite unexpected burst of song when they saw us. Thank goodness it wasn’t Man U – Pete would have thrown a fit!!


  5. Oh these are so interesting and so good. Those little boys are so cute- amazing what children know about these days. Your macro shots are excellent. The details of the spider actually show the pretty features. Loved the butterfly. My favorites are the chldren and the men working to make things with their hands. I am intrigued by the young man working on the slab of stone. Really excellent captures, Lottie, as usual.


    1. Hello Yvonne 😀

      I’m so glad you enjoyed the last of the Bali photos. The boys were adorable, really cheeky!
      We were walking along and one of the men called us into the shed where they were working and wanted to show us what they were doing. It’s actually wood that they are carving – Indonesia has a long tradition of wood carving and you can see it being done almost everywhere. It’s all very intricate and beautiful design. Some of the pieces are large, and of course there is all the stunning furniture that is made and carved also. There are some very fancy doorways too. I keep meaning to take more photos of them.


  6. The photos of the boys are priceless. For some reason, I’m especially fond of the one of their backs running. It has such life. And you know how much I love the spiders!! And that little grasshopper and lovely butterfly are awesome.

    As to your challenge, I think most people don’t realize what courage street photography takes. I do! So, kudos to you dear Lottie. xoxo


  7. always just breathtaking photos. and refreshing story,little boys and bugs will go hand and hand. But my daughter now 22 and expecting my first granddaughter has plans to have a bug collector kit for her. Butterflies are beautiful. I have to say,i give you a lot of kudos for the chances you take yo give us such memorizing pictures.thank Cheri xo


    1. Thank you Cheri and I’m so glad you enjoy the photos. Bugs are great! how fantastic that you have a grand-daughter on the way 🙂 There are some extraordinarily beautiful butterflies in Indonesia, I’ve never seen so many varieties or such huge ones! I wish that they were easier to photograph as they flit from one flower to the next, you have to be so quick! 🙂


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