The Camino Awaits…

Amit is an extraordinary woman. Brave and courageous too. Please check out this post and click on the link to find out more about the pilgrimage she hopes to make later on this year. Everyone who makes the pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostela has a story, here is Amits. Please support her if you can. Good Luck Amit!

Healing Pilgrim

When you start to listen closely, when you start paying close attention, when you stop making excuses on the side of inability in lieu of ability, stuff happens.

After a few upheavals of one kind or another – including a couple of kicks in the proverbial butt – it was time to read the dream-writing on the wall and time to carve out another chapter in my healing journey.

And so, the time has come.. well, at least the time to start planning has come…

I’m going to walk the Camino Santiago de Compostela in Spain!

Since I can’t and don’t want to go it alone, I’ve started off by setting up a partnership with a crowdsourcing partner called Indiegogo. Cool name, huh?!

You can read all about my project right here.

And then PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE share the link to my campaign and my blog, far and wide.


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One thought on “The Camino Awaits…

  1. Thank you dear Lottie!! It’s a boost just knowing that my Indo & WordPress friends are cheering me on from all corners of the world. What more can I ask for?! Blessings & hugs from Bali xx


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