Just A Bit Of Fun – F/2.8

A spectacular sunrise greeted me the other morning as I stumbled bleary-eyed from my bed. Keen to capture this rare treat for posterity (there is normally too much smog) I grabbed my camera and went out onto the balcony to record the event. In my doziness I never checked the settings and so just snapped away until the moment had passed. It wasn’t until I transfered them onto my laptop that I realised what I’d done. I hadn’t changed my settings from the previous day but nonetheless, I quite like the results. I’ve played about with the colour a smidgeon but not much. The last one ‘traffic lights’ is one that I took later that day after dark.

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22 thoughts on “Just A Bit Of Fun – F/2.8

  1. It’s like watching electrical interference or seeing the power float away heavenwards. Quite astonishing pictures Lottie. I’m lucky if I don’t chop the heads off everything. Hugs xx


    1. You are very kind David, they are just a bit of nonsense that I took because I was too stupid to change the settings on my camera. However, I do quite like them in an abstract way. I know exactly what you mean by electrical interference. Speaking of which we get some over the top, fantastic electrical storms here – now if, IF I could capture them, that would be quite something! xx


  2. I love these! When I used to pretend to be a photographer, I’d do that on purpose – leave the shutter open and wiggle the camera around, capturing all kinds of hallucinogenic photos πŸ™‚ The colors are just gorgeous.


    1. I love the idea of you making hallucinogenic photos πŸ™‚ It was a very stunning sunrise and the sky was a splendid colour. In truth these have worked out better than if I’d done them properly because it’s such an ugly view out over the motorway, at least with these it’s camouflaged!!


  3. Mercy are you not good by way of an accident? Now you need to keep some of these going while you know what you knowed when you knowed what you did. Or something to that effect. I’m joking with you but seriously, these are really good. Very bright and abstract looking. Now you can do some paintings similiar to the photographs. And get some more pics such as these. These are great, maam.


    1. Why thank you very much Yvonne! Actually Pete did a set of paintings last year that didn’t look dissimilar – I’m not really into abstract stuff, I’m more a figurative lass but I liked the squiggles and colours of these. It’s wonderful how just by slowing down the shutter speed you can get a totally different image.


  4. Those are awesome! I’m sure some artists are very envious that you have created in a sleepwalking haze what they probably spent months and gobs of acrylic and canvas on, sliced in ribbons with boxcutters and then started all over again until they got it just so. And poof, you have showed them up with some accidental photog genius. hahahahha! Very nice. I think I will try that tomorrow morning when I wake up……..see what I can come up with. Photography is still a mystery to me.

    I am looking forward to more of your posts……..cheers!


    1. Oh you make me blush!!! actually I’m laughing at your comment because I’m in the middle of painting right now – great gobs of acrylic on me, the canvas, the floor and all over my boobs…that’ll learn me to paint in a low-slung dress πŸ˜‰


  5. Photography AND painting, you are a wonder……in a lovely dress, too. You are so talented, I bet If you grab a hunk of potter’s clay and pummel it a few times, Patrick Swayze would materialize out of thin air just to watch you work………..*grins*


    1. In me bleedin’ dreams….HAH! I’m absolutely crap at pottery. I got expelled from an evening class because I was so bad at it and laughed hysterically everytime the wretched clay sunk into a wobbly heap on the wheel. No seriously, I’m in awe of all the tiny little coil pots that my children used to make at school. I wonder if there’s a correlation between pottery and pastry making? I’m really bad at that too. Thank God for frozen pastry is all I can say :-)))))


    1. Thanks Steve! You are right, accidents can have happy outcomes πŸ™‚ It’s actually a vey ugly view from our apartment so this abstract makes it look rather lovely I think!


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