Rare Sighting Of Unicorn In Bali

“Visitors flocked to the Kintamani area of Bali yesterday after hearing reports that a unicorn had been sighted earlier in the day”


“We are told that the unicorn caused quite a stir. Babies screamed, and children ran crying into their mother’s arms. The normally unshakeable bullish women hawkers threw down their baskets of tacky, overpriced trinkets and souvenirs, and fled for the hills,” Ibu Wayan told reporters.


We have been told that for over an hour you could have heard a pin drop in the car park at Penelokan. Pak Made, of nearby Kedisan reports seeing the unicorn and his wife (described as a large, blonde bule) “playing around with a video camera”.



The last known sighting of the unicorn was at Pura Besakih though unfortunately we have no photographs to support this claim.