Memory Lane – Two Years Down The Line

Two years ago today, I received an anxious phone call from our removal company. ‘Mrs. Nevin, we have an 18 tonne articulated lorry parked outside your house and 4 packers ready to box your things for shipment, where are you? At first I was a little confused but then the penny bounced. ‘OH FUCK!’ I shrieked, swiftly followed by an ‘OH SHIT!’ for good measure.  Where was I? I was the other side of London clearing out Irishman’s office and had totally forgotten that this day, this important day that I had had penciled into my diary for weeks, had somehow totally slipped my mind.

This inauspicious start to the morning of the 14th September 2011 marked the beginning of our Indonesian adventure. By the end of that day, our worldly goods had been wrapped, packed and sent off on a ship for their long journey to the Indonesian Archipelago. There was no turning back.



Two years down the line, and things are in reversal. I’m trying to sort out our shipping back to Europe, but this time to Spain and just to complicate matters, to an address that doesn’t even register on Google Maps, or even a road map. In fact I’m still not really sure what our new address is. We completed on the sale of our Andalucian house this week and on one document it says that we live in Jazmine Street and on the other, Primavera. Right now I couldn’t give a stuff what street we live on, I’m more concerned with trying to organize Indonesian shipping and customs which is beginning to feel a little like herding cats!

Feeling nostalgic, and as displacement activity this morning, I went back to photographs taken around this time 2 years ago. Aside from being the week that I forgot the removal men where coming, it was also the week that Irishman and I boldly tied the knot (it’s his 4th marriage and my 3rd)



Here are a few pictures of the newly-weds and their first 3 months in Indonesia. Whatever you are doing this weekend, I hope that it is fun!







Sleeping man on the street.
Sleeping man on the street.








Vegetable stall in Jakarta
Vegetable stall in Jakarta


Banana seller, Bogor.
Banana seller, Bogor.
Rubbish everywhere!
Rubbish everywhere!
Tea plantations
Tea plantations