Yes, we’ve arrived in Jakarta! (Looking Back At My First Post)

We are now tidying up the ends here in Bali and Jakarta before we leave for Spain. Here is the first post that I wrote, about a month or so after our arrival here. Grannies’ crusty knickers have become a way of life now!

Lottie Nevin - The Red House Diaries

The Prelude

In the past week we have travelled over 17,442 miles. We’ve both laughed and we’ve cried. There has been a divorce and a marriage proposal, all in the same morning.  We’ve drunk ‘probably the most expensive lager in the world’ in the middle of the night in Dubai, and imbibed overpriced wine everywhere else. Between us we have met some extraordinary people, seen abject poverty and unbelievable wealth. A lot of books have been read, and we’ve seen a lot of movies and eaten too much ( amongst which ‘chicken satay’ of dubious origin, possibly canine?)  As a result of this, I would like to thank my sphincter muscle for not letting me down whilst waiting at the baggage carousel at Gatwick yesterday morning (wearing just a sundress , no knickers and open-toed sandals, there was no room for camouflage) and for holding it’s grip and getting me…

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