Glue, Codeine & Beer – The Perks Of Packing

God only knows what goes into the glue here but it’s good! I’ve been up since 5am packing and my back is now knackered. A fistful of 30mg codeine, a few cans of beer and I’m now feeling stoned. The shippers arrive tomorrow to whisk our worldly goods away to Spain but I’m feeling so mellow that right now I don’t give a damn if they never get there; this cocktail of labels, glue, sticky tape, painkillers and Bintang almost makes me want to take up packing as a profession.

This is most likely the last post (or penultimate post) that I shall write from Jakarta. We leave here in a week and head back to London for 3 days before heading off to Spain. I have mixed feelings about leaving but on balance I feel that we are doing the right thing. A new adventure beckons and I’m very happy that I shall be closer to our children; I’ve missed them like crazy. It’s been an incredible two years and I feel blessed to have had this opportunity. It’s not always been easy, sometimes it’s been hell, but for the most part it’s been a lot of fun.

Here are some pictures that I took yesterday while out buying packing boxes. They are by no means my best but they show the Jakarta that I love. The nitty-gritty, the dirt, the people, the hustle and bustle. If you click on the landscape photographs hopefully you should get a larger image.

To all of you that have followed our adventures so far, a HUGE THANK YOU! Your support, comments and appreciation have helped me more than you know. I hope that you will continue to follow our adventures as we start a new life in Spain, I haven’t a clue how things are going to pan out there; we will be living on a very tight budget until we get some gainful employment but I hope that between us we can find a way to keep hearth and home together. My first job is to get a toilet installed and some sort of kitchen in place. Irishman hasn’t yet seen the house that I’ve bought so I’m now feeling the full burden of responsibility to make it work!

I am still in a quandary as to what to call this blog once we move to Spain. The address of our little house in Andalucía is no. 3, Jazmine Street so I was thinking maybe something like ‘News from Jazmine Street’? Maybe some more codeine, another deep inhalation of glue, and a large gulp of Bintang will help me find the answer…
























51 responses to “Glue, Codeine & Beer – The Perks Of Packing”

  1. I love the photos of daily life in Jakarta — especially the fruit vendors. I love how the grape sellers always place large fake leaves in with the fruit. Best of luck with your move, Lottie. I look forward to following your adventures in a country I’ve never been to! I had the same blog name problem, I started off in Paris, Ma Vie a Paris, and could never find a good name change…c’est la vie. Enjoy some last Bintangs and nasi goreng before you go. Selamat jalan.


    • Thank you, Lydia 🙂 I’m glad that I’m not the only one who’s had this dilemma about re-naming a blog! It’s a strange feeling being just a week away from leaving, I’m sure you felt the same before you left. After the boxes have gone tomorrow, it leaves me 5 days free to soak up the last sights and sounds of the Big Durian. It’s Idul Adha on Tuesday which is why there were so many goats and cows at the market 😦 I might try and get up to the fish market before we leave, and another trip to Sunda Kelapa – my favourite place in Jakarta!


    • Awww, thanks April! We arrive at our new house in Spain on the evening of the 22nd October. The following morning I have an electrician, a plumber and a builder coming round – I’d better brush up on my Spanish fast!! 🙂 xxx


  2. Cold Gin and all that Jaz
    The Pain in Spain is driving us Insane
    Tilting at Windmills
    Olė. A Spanish guide to keeping chickens and the good life
    Carmen to the Garden, Jasmine
    From Jakarta to Jazmine Street

    Safe travels Nevins. Thanks for all the fun and laughs.


    • Andrew, all of those would work a treat! Thank you! I shall be keeping chickens and, if I play my cards right, a donkey or 3 and of course dogs and cats. Life is going to be very different but we are looking forward to the change – it’s definitely time for a taste of the Good Life again 🙂


  3. Bon Voyage, dear Lottie!!! I’m looking forward to the spanish Jazmime Adventures and thank you a thousand times for your wonderful posts, sharing your life in Jakarta with us :)) All the best from somewhere between the dutch and german countryside with a very unreliable www 😀


    • Thank you dear Marta. I’m not sure how we are going to fare with the www – that’s something of an unknown quantity – I’m praying that we are not going to be living too far off the grid to be able to get on-line! All shall be revealed soon 😉


  4. Hi Lottie, I’m looking forward to reading all about your new life in Spain and pleased that you are having a modern toilet installed, although It has to be said… I will miss your ‘shit’ stories 🙂 Wish you all the best with the project and new start, it’s like a blank canvas you and Pete can throw paint at 😉
    George x


    • An excellent analogy, George! It is indeed a blank canvas – talking of paint, I packed all of our paints in Bali last week and had them shipped over to Jakarta. Due to some seriously rough handling, they arrived here in broken boxes and all of the paints had oozed and squirted everywhere – GGGRRRRR!!
      Pete was not at all happy with me when I told him the truth about the plumbing at Casa Jazmine, that’s why I’m meeting a plumber on the first morning after we get there – I hope that I can muster enough Spanish on the 2 day ferry to Bilbao to get things sorted out out fast! xx


  5. Hi Nicholas: enjoy your final week in Jakarta. Thanks for all the posts. I’m looking forward to the newly titled post. Im sure Pete will enjoy the new house. Safe travels and happy landings.


    • I can see that I’ve started something now! Nicholas, indeed! Thanks Rod, I’m sure that there will be lots of new stories to tell and adventures to be had. I’m looking forward to sharing them with you – fingers crossed that we can get internet there, I’ll be a bit lost without it if we can’t! If that’s the case then my new blog shall have to be called something like ‘ Nicholas’s Tales from an internet cafe somewhere in Andalucia’ 😉


  6. Okay, everybody has an opinion, but how about ‘The Rap on Jaz’ ??? A play on musical terminology. It’s a little catchier than Nicholas’s Tales from an Internet Café Somewhere in Andalucía…not that there’s anything wrong with that……yawn….;-}


    • Sherry, it was a joke!! albeit a bad one – my stress levels are at an all time high and I need some va-va-voom badly! Dealing with the shipping company has been a nightmare, why is life so complicated here?! The Rap on Jaz is a good ‘un 😉


  7. Onto the next adventure! Now whenever you miss it there, you can always look back through those photos. It looks like a place that’s full of life and I’m sure Spain will be too. I like the sound of both Andalucía and Jazmine but I’m drawing a blank and I haven’t even had any glue!


    • Sheila, the glue was strong! The sort that makes you see stars! A new adventure indeed and one that we are both very much looking forward to. It will be fun to be back in Europe again, I’ve missed the culture much more than I thought I would. Thank you for your comment and I hope to start my new Spanish themed blog soon! 🙂


  8. This will be my second time to comment as it seems WP had other ideas or I did not click on POST COMMENT. Great post as usual. The photos are all so very good. Cutting this short this time. Take good care and will be in contact soon- I hope. 🙂


    • Please forgive my late response to your lovely comment. I’ve had major battles with the shippers over the past few days and my mind has been elsewhere1 Thanks, Yvonne, you are such a sweetie. I’ll be in touch soon! Deep breath, Lottie, Deeeeeep breaths! 🙂


    • Please forgive my late response to your lovely comment. I’ve had major battles with the shippers over the past few days and my mind has been elsewhere! Thanks, Yvonne, you are such a sweetie. I’ll be in touch soon! Deep breath, Lottie, Deeeeeep breaths! 🙂


  9. Dear madam enjoy your final week in Jakarta, if you miss it there, had nice dinner with Indian Food!! Best of luck


  10. Good luck with Spain. I’m sure you’ll love it there. I’m quite jealous really, as I really enjoyed my time there. Now looking back, I wish I’d tried harder to make things work. I’m sure you have more tenacity than me 🙂


    • I’ve got to admit, I’m getting VERY, VERY, excited now! It’s been a tough week here and I’m definitely ready for a change. I’ll miss Indonesia but I won’t miss the complications and time that it takes to get things to work! Thanks, Sarah 🙂


    • Oh Lorijo, you are lovely! Thanks so much for your support. I’m looking forward to Spain and our new adventures. I hope that there are not too many Jazmine Street Blues! At least the village bar is 30 seconds walk away!! 😉


  11. Eerm, just one question. If you are having a “proper” loo installed, what have you got until then? If its a dash into the bushes, remember NOT to wear flip flops 🙂


    • In answer to your question B, a bucket. And while it’s not the ideal thing, it sure as heck will force me to learn enough Spanish to be able to get a quote from a plumber for a new bathroom. P.s I’ve thrown out my flip-flops, I’m going to be wearing my Dr Marten boots from now on! 😉


    • Thank you biker chick! 🙂 I’ve been pretty laid back about it all but there are still a few creases to iron out before we leave, hopefully they will be resolved by wednesday! Kind of you to comment, it’s much appreciated 😀


    • Thanks, Duck. We leave on Wednesday for London then Sunday it’s the car ferry to Spain. We’ve had massivo problemos with our shippers and I’m still waiting to get a sensible quote – it’s madness I tell you! Your van nightmare is unbelievable – deep breaths – we will both get their in the end Om shanti Om ! xx


  12. Whatever you call the new iteration, I am sure it will be both fascinating and enjoyable as always, Lottie. Best of luck for a safe and comfortable trip to Spain. Maybe somehow you will be gifted a first class flight again. 🙂 Ah…maybe “No one expects The Spanish Iteration”. LOL


    • Thank you, Steve. Sorry to be so late in replying to your comment – it’s been a couple of crazy days and no time for anything except me having meltdowns about shipping and all the things that drive us bonkers when trying to move from one side of the world to the other!


  13. Just love your photo series, add another link to Spain, and keep this blog prominent!!! it would be a disservice to a country you love.. or start a new blog, and come back to this one, with contrasts, wow that glue sounds great hehe


    • We have arrived, Gerard. Unfortunately, the nearest I’ve got to a wild tango is perching half asleep over a bucket to pee in at night. I’m not good at camping – cold showers and perilous nocturnal micturition are something of a challenge pour moi but I’m loving every minute of being here. Hopefully shall have my first post out of The Rioja Diaries very soon.


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