Glue, Codeine & Beer – The Perks Of Packing

God only knows what goes into the glue here but it’s good! I’ve been up since 5am packing and my back is now knackered. A fistful of 30mg codeine, a few cans of beer and I’m now feeling stoned. The shippers arrive tomorrow to whisk our worldly goods away to Spain but I’m feeling so mellow that right now I don’t give a damn if they never get there; this cocktail of labels, glue, sticky tape, painkillers and Bintang almost makes me want to take up packing as a profession.

This is most likely the last post (or penultimate post) that I shall write from Jakarta. We leave here in a week and head back to London for 3 days before heading off to Spain. I have mixed feelings about leaving but on balance I feel that we are doing the right thing. A new adventure beckons and I’m very happy that I shall be closer to our children; I’ve missed them like crazy. It’s been an incredible two years and I feel blessed to have had this opportunity. It’s not always been easy, sometimes it’s been hell, but for the most part it’s been a lot of fun.

Here are some pictures that I took yesterday while out buying packing boxes. They are by no means my best but they show the Jakarta that I love. The nitty-gritty, the dirt, the people, the hustle and bustle. If you click on the landscape photographs hopefully you should get a larger image.

To all of you that have followed our adventures so far, a HUGE THANK YOU! Your support, comments and appreciation have helped me more than you know. I hope that you will continue to follow our adventures as we start a new life in Spain, I haven’t a clue how things are going to pan out there; we will be living on a very tight budget until we get some gainful employment but I hope that between us we can find a way to keep hearth and home together. My first job is to get a toilet installed and some sort of kitchen in place. Irishman hasn’t yet seen the house that I’ve bought so I’m now feeling the full burden of responsibility to make it work!

I am still in a quandary as to what to call this blog once we move to Spain. The address of our little house in Andalucía is no. 3, Jazmine Street so I was thinking maybe something like ‘News from Jazmine Street’? Maybe some more codeine, another deep inhalation of glue, and a large gulp of Bintang will help me find the answer…
























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