Un Paseo Con Colin

I’m writing this post in bed. Hidden from view underneath the duvet is my companion, Colin Snout. He’s snoring loudly and I am watching the covers as they rise and fall to the rhythm of his breathing and the odd wriggle as he dreams his doggy dreams. I can’t help but smile; Irishman would be furious if he knew that for the past 4 nights, C.Snout Esq has commandeered his side of the bed. But while the cats away…..



It’s a beautiful morning and I really shouldn’t be languishing in bed. There’s lots to do today but for the moment it’s lovely just to be able to collect my thoughts, drink some tea and listen to the chit-chat of the birds through the open bedroom windows.




And I am truly enjoying this peace because of course, once the snoring, farting canine is fully awake, he shall start demanding to be taken for a walk. Colin takes his walks very seriously and he doesn’t like to be kept waiting. Although I find his bullying tactics a pain in the arse (whimpering, running over to his lead, scratching at the door etc) it does mean that like it or not, Fatty’s got to shake a leg and take some much needed exercise.



Walking here is a treat. Unlike Jakarta where there were no pavements, heavy traffic and pollution and the very real risk of plunging to ones death in an open sewer, here is positively idyllic. Miles and miles of tracks, lots of steep hills and groves for that all important cardio work-out and of course lots of beautiful things to look at.



I’m still exploring the area around the village for walks and I am slowly getting fitter. But two years of sitting on my backside in Jakarta have taken their toll and I now have aches and pains that sometimes won’t permit me to cover the distances that I’d really like to be able to. I’m hoping that by the end of the year I shall have morphed in to a lean, mean, walking machine.




For now two hours is about my max. Colin is alright with that. It gives him the chance to chase a few rabbits, sniff out some new smells and play hide and seek with me in the olive groves. It also gives me the chance to catch my breath and take some photographs. The views here are outstanding but it’s difficult to properly convey the distance and lie of the land. We are 1029 metres above sea level here, surrounded by hills with the Sierra Nevada lying directly to the east.



Ah, there is some twitching going on underneath the covers and a nose has suddenly appeared. Just time to post these photographs of our walk last Sunday before we get cracking on with our day.

Olive flowers
Olive flowers


42 thoughts on “Un Paseo Con Colin

      1. Larf? I thought I’d never start! You have to get Ped to allow Mr Snout to be a permanent fixture in the bed. There is nothing more delightful than watching those covers and listening to the squeaks and whimpers of their dreaming. Couldn’t live without it.

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      2. Ped doesn’t really mind – it’s more the fact that our bed is quite tiny. There’s barely enough room for us 2, let alone a canine who insists on lying spread-eagled between us.

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  1. I can’t get over your vistas. Absolutely breathtaking! And I know how frustrating it is to look at photographs that lack the depth and distance of the real thing. But they’re still fabulous and I do envy you proper walking places! Bali isn’t much better than Jakarta!

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    1. Thank you, Sherry. I absolutely get what you mean about walking in Bali. I used to walk to the beach but there were so many motor bikes and no sidewalks which made it quite hard. I did a couple of great walks in the kampung and jungle but jungles are hard work (lots of insects and vegetation) and in the paddy fields there is only a tiny verge so I’d be slip sliding in to the mud!
      It is breathtaking here – come and stay one day? ๐Ÿ™‚


  2. You soon will be your good ol’ svelte Lottie again. Has Colin Snout got any friends in the village or is he the only one? Don’t dip too often in the Cherrie-liquer or CS will smell a rat and inform Irish.
    Lovely shots and I wish I was there. Are those purple flowers corn flowers or budding onions.?

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    1. Gerard I really don’t have a clue what those blue flowers are. They look like onion flowers to me but I’m not sure. Colin has loads of friends in the village both canine and human. His favourite trick is to escape from the house and go round to the bar (sounds horribly like me!) and hang about at the tables waiting for tapas. Fortunately everyone loves him and of course being a Spanish dog, he understands what everyone is saying, unlike his slow to learn owners!


  3. I hope Ped is OK Lottie since he’s not at home.It’s a good time for me to start a rumour about the new man in your bed anyway. Don’t let Colin Snout make you too svelte or these 2 hour walks will become four or more. Look after yourself.
    xxx Massive Hugs xxx

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    1. Aww, thanks David, don’t worry, Ped is in rude health. The reason for his departure back to London has been to sort out the final bits and pieces for the house, I’ve just heard from our solicitor that we’ve completed – our property umbilical chord with the UK is now severed and it’s the end of an era. The good news is that we can now get on with the much needed home improvements here.

      Have no fear, Colin Snout will never make me too svelte, I’m FAR too greedy and lazy for that. Oh and I’d better point out that the 2hr walks are not an everyday thing, most days it’s 45 minutes or less depending on my ‘hippos’

      Massive hugs to you and I hope that your week is going well XXXXXX

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  4. It’s morning. I have good, strong coffee. I open the iPad and find a new Lottie post, and it’s like Christmas morning. As sweet as the cinnamon bun I no longer indulge in. Now for a two-hour walk…. Love you, Lottie!

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  5. Oooh great vistas that are almost unbelivable. The rural aspect of Acala Real is so appealing. All those white washed homes and buildingsin the village are so pretty in the distance.

    Excellent shots Lottie and I’m glad that you have CS for company. A pet surely prevents anyone from getting lonely.

    Love this post. ~yvonne xxxx


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    1. Colin is grand company, there’s no doubt about that. He loves his walks in the campo and he’s so happy. I think he’s very content here with us. I’d love another dog and I would get another rescue like a shot if Colin did not have so many issues. One is fine for now.

      It is lovely here Yvonne, I wish that you could see it for real. Big Hugs to you XXXXXX

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  6. About 2 hours is my limit, too. Which means we could companionably walk together. My place is nice for walking, although not as glorious as yours. I say we meet at your place… (for now, Andalusia remains my fondest daydream; ah, maybe someday…)

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  7. Yaay!! Completion is complete – I remember that fine feeling, nine years ago!

    Your photos are stunning Lottie. I just LURVE Colin – I have a Colin here, but I call him Spud ๐Ÿ™‚

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    1. You also have a bodeguero? A Spud, how sweet. My best-friend at school used to call me Spud, she said my nose looked just like a potato…charming!
      Yes, it’s a good feeling not having to worry about the house anymore and means that at last we can get on with ‘home improvements’ here. I feel a little celebration coming on….;)


  8. Thanks for taking us along with you and Colin, Lottie. You have a wonderful route for your walks and Colin appears a very good companion. I enjoy the pictures with him looking off ahead…he seems so alert and ready for action. ๐Ÿ™‚
    I’d say the dog is out of the bag as far as Pete finding out that you have another sharing his place. It is the same thing here with the exception that Mary Beth actually has her own room. She complains that my breathing keeps her awake. :O But Murphy crawls under the covers immediately at bed time and during the night ends up with his head on the extra pillow. I am most fortunate that he does not snore and only rarely does he howl in his dreams.
    That scenery is gorgeous! Enjoy your walks with him. It sounds that you do and I am sure after a while you will feel quite fit. ๐Ÿ™‚

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    1. I know that Murphy sleeps with you and I think that it’s sweet. Actually last night Colin started off on the bed and then jumped off and went to sleep in his basket (which is right next to the bed) – I rather missed his warm, furry body.

      Colin is never happier than when out on a walk, he loves it. He was in kennels for well over a year before he came to live with us so you can imagine how blissful it must be for him to have this freedom now. Sometimes he runs off and I have to walk home alone but he always comes back and fortunately there is no livestock here for him to chase apart from the odd chicken, rabbit or hare. I’d be worried sick if it was sheep country.

      Ped gets back later this morning so I’d better go and have a clear up. I always complain that he is the untidy, messy half of this partnership but looking around, I think that may be a case of the pot calling the kettle black. Time to get out the broom, empty the garbage and generally put things in order before his Lordship returns ๐Ÿ˜€


  9. Hola Senora Mean Lean Walking Machine (in-training!) Love the story and photos, and I’m so thrilled for you that you appreciate the wide open paths of walking in Spain after living in Indo; I can totally empathize with you… one of the main reasons the Camino last fall was such a blessing. Keep on with the exploring and photos xo

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    1. I do indeed, Amit. It’s bliss after Jakarta, I’m not going to lie! All this space and nowhere is out of bounds so you can follow tracks and make up the walk as you go along. Some of the walks are quite a challenge, long stretches of uphill, some of which seems almost vertical but the views are jaw-dropping and you can see for miles and miles. Pete always wonders why I take so many photos of the olive groves ‘they are all the same!’ he says but I don’t agree, they are all different. some are on steep slopes, others flat, and valleys and gorges cut their way through the landscape. It’s like an enormous patchwork quilt of colour, pattern and textures.

      I bet you loved walking the camino. It’s something that I still long to do – maybe when I’m a lean, mean walking machine!! ๐Ÿ™‚


  10. What a beautiful place. I’m sure Colin must be having the time of his life. It is a good way of getting fit. Here this week is raining non-stop. Maybe we’ll all have to come and visit…

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    1. Olga, we’ve had rain too! It’s been funny weather here. 2 weeks ago it was in the mid-30’s and now it’s dropped to the 20’s. It’s been overcast and windy too but you are welcome to visit!
      I think Colin is having the time of his life, well I sure hope he is because I most certainly am! ๐Ÿ™‚


  11. Lottie, two hours trekking up and down rocky paths is pretty damned good, you will slim down in no time! Problem is, that beautiful fresh air does open the appetite, right? Bread is my downfall ๐Ÿ™‚ Especially stone baked pueblo bread ๐Ÿ˜‰


    1. Oh hell, you are so right. If I do a long walk, by the time I get home I’m ravenous. I love bread, in fact George, I love to eat everything and in huge quantity, this is my problem. Before I forget, Pete’s back in London from the 13th-23rd – and his PV is on the 19th – He’d love to see you if you are free xx ๐Ÿ™‚


      1. Ok, thanks Lottie I’ll do my best to see Pete and his fab work, will keep an eye on FB. Happy strolling xx


  12. An enchanting read! I love hearing about Mr. Snout. He sounds like a fine little tyrant, but a benevolent one as well. I feel as though I just spent the morning with you at your casa and then (through your marvelous photos) took a walk with you and Mr. Snout, as well. Only somehow I didn’t burn any calories at all…


    1. I WISH that you could come on a walk with us. I’m longing to show you this part of the world. I haven’t done too well on burning the calories this week so that makes two of us ๐Ÿ˜‰ xoxo


  13. Hi Lottie SO nice to come back and be catching up on all your news from Espana. I’ve a new job which returned me to Jakarta last week and I will probably be going over again soon. It is very full on and exciting. Your new life looks extraordinarily superb and blissful despite the shock of the winter. We have a new Ms Rigby in our house who sounds like a similarly naughty and demanding spoilt canine but has also been good at getting me off my lumpy a..s.. – there might be hope for us being lithe by 2015 but that would also mean not eating or drinking much (I believe) which can be very hard for the feeble minded (says I eating flourless chockie cake and cream..hopeless).


  14. I’m very envious of the walking and photo opportunities you have there. Master Snout sounds like a great walking companion, not to mention motivating force to get one out the door when one may not feel especially inclined. Congratulations on your London house too I see!


  15. Lottie,
    I didn’t think Spain could be as colorful and beautiful as Indonesia (Bali, in particular), but it’s colorful and beautiful in an entirely different way. Thanks for sharing and I’m psyched to be catching up on your posts/adventures. xxxxxx
    Steph ๐Ÿ™‚


    1. Thank you, Steph – Spain is wonderful. The space, the fresh air, the plants, the weather….in my humble opinion, it knocks Bali in to a cocked hat. Hope all well with you, my lovely xoxoxxo


    1. Sure, of course there are hardships! We wouldn’t appreciate the good/great bits if there weren’t a few ‘blips’ along the way! Thanks as always for your comments, Teagan and for taking time to catch up with older posts. I’ve not posted so much in this past year, too much to do, too busy – the old story! xxx

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