Un Paseo Con Colin

I’m writing this post in bed. Hidden from view underneath the duvet is my companion, Colin Snout. He’s snoring loudly and I am watching the covers as they rise and fall to the rhythm of his breathing and the odd wriggle as he dreams his doggy dreams. I can’t help but smile; Irishman would be furious if he knew that for the past 4 nights, C.Snout Esq has commandeered his side of the bed. But while the cats away…..



It’s a beautiful morning and I really shouldn’t be languishing in bed. There’s lots to do today but for the moment it’s lovely just to be able to collect my thoughts, drink some tea and listen to the chit-chat of the birds through the open bedroom windows.




And I am truly enjoying this peace because of course, once the snoring, farting canine is fully awake, he shall start demanding to be taken for a walk. Colin takes his walks very seriously and he doesn’t like to be kept waiting. Although I find his bullying tactics a pain in the arse (whimpering, running over to his lead, scratching at the door etc) it does mean that like it or not, Fatty’s got to shake a leg and take some much needed exercise.



Walking here is a treat. Unlike Jakarta where there were no pavements, heavy traffic and pollution and the very real risk of plunging to ones death in an open sewer, here is positively idyllic. Miles and miles of tracks, lots of steep hills and groves for that all important cardio work-out and of course lots of beautiful things to look at.



I’m still exploring the area around the village for walks and I am slowly getting fitter. But two years of sitting on my backside in Jakarta have taken their toll and I now have aches and pains that sometimes won’t permit me to cover the distances that I’d really like to be able to. I’m hoping that by the end of the year I shall have morphed in to a lean, mean, walking machine.




For now two hours is about my max. Colin is alright with that. It gives him the chance to chase a few rabbits, sniff out some new smells and play hide and seek with me in the olive groves. It also gives me the chance to catch my breath and take some photographs. The views here are outstanding but it’s difficult to properly convey the distance and lie of the land. We are 1029 metres above sea level here, surrounded by hills with the Sierra Nevada lying directly to the east.



Ah, there is some twitching going on underneath the covers and a nose has suddenly appeared. Just time to post these photographs of our walk last Sunday before we get cracking on with our day.

Olive flowers
Olive flowers