Reportage From The Groves

I’ve had a fancy to try my hand at vlogging for some time. Ages in fact. With this in mind, and the fact that I’m going to be in front of the camera, I took a long, hard look at myself in the mirror. My roots need re-doing, my eyebrows need plucking but without doubt it was my moustache that required most urgent attention. On went the Jolen Creme Bleach and fifteen minutes later, job done. Except it wasn’t. In place of the dark hairs, there is now a bristling Glo-In-The-Dark Hairy caterpillar that appears to have firmly latched itself on to my top lip. To add insult to injury, every time I open my mouth the neon critter takes on a life of its own. Vanity dictates that I either murder the damn thing by waxing it off, or, wait until the Glow subsides to a less conspicuous shade.

I’ve chosen the latter (No way can I be upstaged by a hirsute caterpillar) so I’m afraid that it is going to be at least a week or so until I pluck up the courage for my first attempt (and possibly last) at vlogging. In the meantime there is plenty to be getting on with here and I can start planning little videos of things that you might like to see. Of course Colin and Wilma can’t wait to take you on a virtual walk and I’m looking forward to showing you how our new project is taking shape. If you have any questions that you’d like to ask me then please do send me an email. My address can be found in Contact Me on this page. Just one thing, whatever you do,  don’t ask me about me about superfluous hair.

34 responses to “Reportage From The Groves”

  1. I’ve been thinking about vlogging too, Lottie, but have had too many other things going on. Looking forward to some updates! (I need a haircut and to do something with the colour too!)


    • I’m not going to lie to you, I’m a little nervous about this whole idea. The unfortunate episode with the hairy caterpillar is just stalling the event. At least all eyes will be on my top lip and not on what i’m actually saying or doing….!!

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  2. Finally! A Riojas missal! So good to see you ..(and the new pet caterpillar!!) I understand a hat to hide the roots, but didn’t your house come with heat? You’re dressed for Antarctica! And you look positively SKINNY!!! What’s going on over there dear friend?!


    • Our house is not warm. Well, it is when the fire is roaring and it is upstairs when we have the gas fire on but yes, I do dress like I’m about to go on a polar expedition! (I blame living in 38c all year round for that, I’ve got soft!) These old houses are built to repel the heat so they are great in the summer time but bloody freezing in the winter months. As for my weight loss, I’ve been on a very strict diet and finally shed most of the unwanted pounds. It’s rad, I tell you! funnily enough I’ve stuck by your golden rule of ‘no white’ food and it really does work. also no alcohol, so this really should be called The Fizzy Water Diaries but that would be terribly boring 🙂

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  3. Still laughing. So glad I’m a man and more concerned that my hairy caterpillar isn’t bushy enough and has turned white!
    I thought your fist vlog (thanks for the new word) might be waxing off the caterpillar with Colin and Willma looking on.
    Good luck with this latest venture into the virtual world. Looking forward to vloghing adventures à la Lottie


    • Jolen is very hit and miss. It stings like hell and, if left on too long, does tend to make the ‘tache a trifle vibrant to say the least. Hope you are feeling heaps better and that your op has been a success xxx

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    • Blast that caterpillar! And like Gerard, my eyebrows are pretty unruly as well. I wish my nails grew with the same strength and speed – that would be good. I’m planning to post something next week so stay tuned! Xx

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  4. Yes, in time hairs sprout everywhere. Never heard of vlogging and I first thought it was something you do under the blankets. My mum used to warn me about that.
    I have unruly eyebrows now but ruthlessy shear them off every fortnight or so with my hair clipper. What a colourful picture of you and those paintings too.
    You stay well and warm, Lottie

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    • Thank you, Gerard. Vlogging does conjure up all sorts of imaginings but under the sheets activities is, I believe, not one of them. I’m going to give it a whirl and see how it goes, I imagine it takes a little practice and I’m bound to burst in to laughter because I’m really quite uncomfortable in front of a camera – especially if I’m playing the role of Entertainments Manager! Let’s see! I’m full of bright ideas but I confess, they don’t always go to plan! 🙂 xx


  5. I love the new look blog. love the new look! That’s a great hat. What I’m not too keen on is the idea that you’re going into competition with my top lip. Is nothing sacred? And now you’ve gone neon which no self respecting male can do in mixed company. Shame on you.
    I look forward to any/all news on the projects and on any art work you’ve done.
    xxx Much love and Gigantic Hugs xxx

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    • You are so lovely and you always make me laugh! It’s been ages since I’ve written a post because so much other stuff has been going on- I figured that little videos might be the answer to my prayers. The only problem being that our internet is bollocks and it may take a week to upload each clip. If that’s the case then I’m stuffed. Huge Hugs to you! Xxxxx

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    • Thank you, Steve. What a wonderful vote of confidence and much appreciated. I’m really hopeless in front of a camera, always pull faces and no doubt will make a right fool of myself but, there’s so much I’d love to show you all and I feel that little videos might be the right medium. This is a beautiful part of Spain, unspoilt and special. I hope it will be fun 🙂


      • I doubt you’ll be a fool, Lottie. Just charming in a self-conscious sort of way. 🙂

        The videos will be a nice way to see your town which I most likely will never see otherwise. And, more as a resident will see it rather than a commercial travelogue. Sounds promising.

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  6. Lottie, my dear, I thought you had fallen into a vat of grapes or something. Glad to see you are back!

    You are a more courageous woman than I. Vlogging would not be for me since I don’t like photos of myself, let alone video. But I am looking forward to hearing a voice and seeing your critters in action. I can’t think of a question offhand other than “how are you and the Irishman doing? How’s work and life?”

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    • A vat of grapes, I wish!! It’s more likely to be a cement mixer these days!

      Dear Biker Chick, I’m not brave, I’m a foolhardy middle-aged woman whose not that keen on being in front of a camera either. Which begs the question WHY? Why on earth then am I thinking about making these videos? Well, the short answer is that I hope they might be fun for those unfamiliar with this part of Spain to see and hopefully get a feel of what the area is like. Andalucia is fascinating and I want to share it with you!

      It may take some time to get into my stride but I’m hoping that by filming little snippets of life here, you can be transported in to the olive groves or up to the castle in Alcalá La Real and enjoy the views with me 🙂

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