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Atelier 88 is no longer just a pipe dream, it is actually happening! This week is our busiest yet and we have a full house now until the end of the week. Just as one bedroom is vacated, the phone rings and bingo, another booking, time to don the Marigolds and pinny yet again. I’m still overwhelmed by the amount of washing and ironing, but I’ve definitely got Guest’s Breakfasts down to a fine art and, speaking of which, the printing press is now installed in the studio. Hooray! and what a vision of loveliness it is.

When this chambermaid isn’t swilling out bed pans, or burning toast, I’m working in the office as In House Marketing and Events Manager. I’ve given myself this rather grandiose title because it makes a nice change from my normal job title of Mrs MOP, or Hotel Receptionist ‘Hi, I’m Lottie, How can I help you?’ (which incidentally, the school careers advisor said would suit me down to a tee… miserable old bat) Sadly my pay grade stays the same, but the upside is that at least  it gives me the chance to sit down for five minutes and muck about on Facebook though I lie through my teeth to Wing Commander Neville Nevin (WCNN) and tell him that I’m doing something muy importante like updating the website or working on our marketing strategy ha ha!


And really, apart from saying ‘Hello’, the point of this post is to share our new website with you. WCNN has been busy writing courses and I’ve added my own creative flourishes here and there. There’s still a bit of work to do on it, minor details that need sorting,  more photos need to be added but I’m feeling happy with the way it is looking and I hope that you like it too!

Before I go back to  being Mrs Mop,  while I still have my Marketing and Events Manager hat on, do check out the courses on the website and in particular, the special promotion for our art courses that we are running in May. It’s a fantastic offer and we promise that it will be a lot of fun.

21 thoughts on “Print, Ink and Paint – Atelier88

  1. .Bravo, clap, clap. Hip, hip, hooray. What more can I add except congratulations? I was hoping for more to read, err as in “like a long bog post.” But I’m just kidding. This is fantastic news and you sound very happy if not exhausted though, from all the work and running a B&B and as a probably chauffeur, too.

    I just hope that you aren’t literally working yourself into a ditch. I hope that somehow you’ll be able to hire a lady to help out with housework and maybe ever some of the cooking. I really feel that you need some kind of reprieve.

    But, I suppose that the excitement keeps your adrenaline pumping and with happiness overload you are set to go for a while. Here’s forewarning though- please take care of you. And of course, Pete. It is a lot to go from the frying pan straight into the fire.

    Hugs and much love,
    Yvonne xxxx

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    1. You’re a sweetheart and thanks for your concern, Yvonne. Yes, I am exhausted, I’m not going to lie. I’m up early and late to bed but it’s not full on week after week right now so I do have a chance to catch my breath and I do really enjoy it which helps a lot. I would love some help in the house but that will have to wait for a bit. Step by step, a little at a time. We are super excited about the printing press and I still pinch myself that we’ve actually made this happen. We are both looking forward to the spring now and starting the courses, I think they will be a lot of fun and I’ll be a whizz at everything domestic by then!!! Much love to you too and your DVD will be on its way just as soon as I receive it xxxx

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  2. Lottie, it must be hard work but with your attitude, I’m sure you enjoy it, although yes, do make sure you look after yourself. I’d also love to come. Perhaps we could meet a few of us… Off to check your website! Good luck!

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  3. Great effort, Lottie. Congratulation! You have both put so much work into it. I like the name ‘atelier’. It sounds artistic yet with the folksy bedpan added, it must be tempting to do a course in printmaking. In a way, some have used bedpan products as works of art. I remember a New York artist making a small fortune many years ago of featuring a toilet. It was part of the Dada movement I think.


    1. Thank you! I do love a hat. They cover a multitude of sins and are especially excellent when I need to re-do my roots and haven’t got time. There, the secrets out! The new adventure is great fun and I’m looking forward to the spring and summer when we start the courses. I think that will be the thing that we enjoy the most


  4. Lottie, you guys have done it again, wow! Although it reads a little bit like Fawlty Towers, I know it’s a serious thing and the website looks amazing! I’m looking forward to the TV appearance by the way and sending you both best wishes for 2017! George x

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    1. I can’t help the Fawlty Towers touch – a sense of humour is vital in this game, believe me! I’m glad you’re looking forward to the tv, we are having kittens as you can probably imagine. Best wishes to you too, George and please come and see us if you are ever in this area. You’ll love the studio xox


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