Hugs In The Time Of Covid

A few weeks ago, my younger brother, Ollie, sent me one of his old jumpers. In recent years, it’s become something of a tradition that I inherit his cast offs.

It started because whenever he came to stay, he’d always accidentally leave something behind when he left. And as it so happens, most often it would be a jumper and because I am very partial to a baggy jumper, I must admit that I was loathe to return them …

It’s been over a year now since I’ve seen my brother and sister in law, Fiona and I miss them like crazy. We talk on the phone, and Zoom and all that malarkey but not being able to hold someone, well, I needn’t explain that to you. Right now, every single person in the world is in the same boat.

And this is what got me thinking. When I opened the parcel from my brother and saw that he’d sent me one of his wonderful old jumpers ( in lieu of the one he would’ve left behind anyway if they’d been able to stay) I immediately put it to my nose, just like an animal and desperately searched for any time hint of smell of him. Oh it was so delicious! I pulled the jumper on and it felt like the warmest, most delicious, most loving hug ever. Oh how I needed it!!

We ALL of us need love and hugs right now. The world is in a tricky place. Christmas is around the corner (and other religious festivals too) and regardless of which ever part of the world we come from, we are all one, and none of us know if we will even be able to see family and friends. It’s a time of uncertainty. But one thing is certain and that is that we all need to be especially kind and especially loving during these difficult times. We all need something to hold on to and the greatest thing that we all have to give and receive is LOVE.

Please don’t buy any new Christmas jumpers this year; instead box up some of your old, loved pre worn jumpers and post them to friends and family who could do with a hug. Trust me, it will be The most wonderful present of all, something that money cannot buy- a hug in a jumper from you.

13 thoughts on “Hugs In The Time Of Covid

  1. So that’s what a jumper is in Queen’s English!
    In the US it’s quite a different animal – a sort of skirt with a bib-type top and straps – you wear a blouse or sweater under it.
    I hadn’t thought of sending my old clothes to loved ones. They’d have to be unwashed or the only scent they’d carry is the heavy perfume of the Balinese laundry dryer sachet and I don’t think that’s exactly what you had in mind. What a sweet brother you have though! Thanks for sharing the story.

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    1. Well maybe a scarf then? Something that someone can wrap around themselves and feel contained – it’s about being held I suppose and the ‘jumper’ ( I did giggle at your description!) is a perfect holding container in that sense plus it’s warm. The Southern Hemisphere could use t shirts , sarongs even!


  2. Lottie, how wonderful to read about your brother sending you a jumper. I had never thought of an old piece of clothing as a gift to hug but your brother sent you a most thoughtful gift. I love this post and now I can imagine you wearing it on a cold day covered on your brother’s warm embrace. Here in the states, the jumper would be called a sweater if it were made of material for warmth and if made of cotton or a lightweight fabric it would be a pullover or sweats for casual wear or maybe part of warm up/exercise attire.


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