Just In Case…

I’m absolutely serious about wanting you to give meditation and dowsing a try. And just in case you are not yet convinced I thought that I’d write another post and try to tempt you by telling you about some of the things that can happen when we tap into the oneness of the universe and our inner light. . Before I start, I just want to say how delighted I am by the wonderful and positive response to my post Two Very Special Gifts I wasn’t sure how it would be received but judging from the comments left on the blog and the volley of messages that I’ve received since posting it, I think I may have struck a chord with quite a few of you and I am truly delighted and humbled. Thank you.

You may well be thinking why meditation and why dowsing? and why is Lottie clumping them together? but the thing is I can only write from my own experience and as I explained in my last post, these two practices seemed to make their entrance into my life around the same time. First learning how to meditate and then learning to dowse. You can of course practice meditation and not bother with the dowsing but I think you’ll be missing out on something really rather special if you don’t give it a go. For dowsing, you do need to be able to switch into a focused and ‘meditative state’ to begin the process and there’s no doubt that meditation greatly helps with enabling that process of connection to happen. From my own experience, these two practices combined have quite dramatically altered how I see the world and in a really positive and enhanced way and I would encourage you to take that leap of faith and find this out for yourself. I know that if you stick with it and are determined, you will not be disappointed.

I’m not an expert in either of these practices, I’m still very much a novice but what is so encouraging and why I think that you’ll also gain so much from these practices is that within a very short time much has been revealed to me and my whole understanding of life as I knew it before has changed profoundly. The introduction of these two daily practices has changed my perspective on life and continues to do so as little by little my intuition grows and I’m learning to trust my guidance. I’m open to learning more and more and I leave no stone unturned in where I look. I use my gut instinct to tell me whether something is rubbish or not and I urge you to do the same. There’s a wealth of information out there, sift through it and you will find what you need and ‘Ask’ if you truly need some answers, they will be given to you. We just need to be open to receiving and genuine in our request for guidance and help.

I kid you not, meditation alone will enhance and bring changes to your life (perhaps not at a first but give it time) and once you get your first thrilling feeling of connecting to the energy beneath your feet or around you via dowsing, it will blow your socks off! It is incredibly exciting to start to tap into these energies and if you are anything like me, you will start to feel like a Giant Grasshopper with its antennae picking up signals from everything. Once you have a good ‘connection’ with the energy, you can start to ask yes/no questions and that’s really quite something! If you’ve ever wanted to truly tap into nature and the world around, above and below you, you are going to love dowsing. This is something that we can ALL learn and practice. It is something that our ancestors would have used all the time and it’s a gift waiting for you to experience if you are prepared to put in the time and the practice. Practice is key!

After a few months of practicing, I found that I was starting to pick up energies even if I didn’t have the rods with me. I was tapping into the earth’s energies and receiving signals without my trying. This was a huge surprise and delight to me. These signals are subtle but they are strong enough that I can feel them and pick up on them. My first ‘breakthrough’ with feeling the energies without the aid of the rods was when I was out in the chicken’s field and my left ear started to pop and feel odd, instinctively I knew that it was something that I should focus on. I then kept walking and when I stopped, I got another sensation of my feet feeling sucked into the ground, not in a horrible way, more like I was just gently rooting myself down. I had a feeling that this might be something related to energy so I went back down to the house and fetched my rods and that was when bit by bit that I discovered a wonderful Earth energy centre with a huge spiral coming out of it and eleven radials.

Another feeling that I sometimes pick up is one of deep bliss and calm. I’ve come to learn that this means that I’m standing on a certain energy line or something significant, I don’t yet know enough to tell you exactly what it is but I know that I’m not alone, both of our Spanish mastines have their favourite relaxation and rest spots in the garden and guess what? they are both lying on powerful Earth energy centres. Even if you don’t have a garden, watch where your dog likes to sleep or rest, this will give you a clue of where the positive energy is in your home! Another fun thing that I can now tap into fairly easily without rods is water energy. I’ve come to learn what water vibration feels like coming up through the earth and into my body. When I first became aware that I could feel this without rods, I was actually in a supermarket staring at tins of beans on a shelf when I suddenly started to feel the familiar feeling of what underground water feels like, beneath me. No doubt I was tapping into a large sewerage pipe beneath the floor of Sainsbury’s but it made me giggle and smile because I could never have dreamed that I’d be able to connect to these things in this way.

I am enthusiastic about all of this for many reasons, not least because it has bought my inner child back and stopped me from being so jaded and sad about the current global situation. I know what is important and I know now what is true and that’s the thing, this is REAL but you need to find this out for yourself! At the end of this post, I am going to put up some links to a YouTube channel that I really enjoy watching and am learning so much from. Tim Walter is a wonderful and inspiring teacher and all of his content is great. His ‘Learn to dowse’ videos are excellent for beginners and those interested in finding out more about dowsing. He explains everything so clearly and I find myself going back time and time again to watch his videos. He’s also a Geomancer and House Healer and runs all sorts of courses from his beautiful home in the North Yorkshire Dales. I hope that you will enjoy his YouTube channel as much as I do.

Since discovering Tim Walter on YouTube, I’ve also been led to Hamish Miller who though sadly no longer is in this realm, continues to delight, inspire and teach through the incredible legacy that he has left us with his books and films and ideas and thoughts on life. I can highly recommend Hamish’s book ‘The definitive Wee Book on Dowsing’ A Journey Beyond Our Five Senses’. This book is a must for anyone wishing to get a really good idea of what the possibilities are when we explore all aspects of dowsing. His humour and energy is infectious and a joy to watch. I have also recently discovered and become a fan of Maria Wheatley, a British dowser. There are many more who continue to inspire and keep me wanting to learn more and more and not give up when on occasion it doesn’t always quite go to plan! I’ll write more about that next time when I talk about pendulum dowsing and rookie errors that I’ve made. In the meanwhile, please check out Tim’s website and YouTube Channel and as you will see from his first ‘how to dowse’ video, you can start learning right now with just a simple piece of wire of a metal clothes hanger. Have fun! and I can’t wait to hear how you get on.

Tim Walter YouTube Video Learn to Dowse Step 1


and Tim’s website https://knightsrose.com/

Maria Wheatley on YouTube https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCL6M9t_jwEfu358XV4ATzeg

and Maria’s website https://theaveburyexperience.co.uk/

5 thoughts on “Just In Case…

  1. I giggled out loud when I read your first post – not because it was in the least bit funny – but because it mirrored my own experience of being drawn into a deeper connection with the realm of spirit because of Covid. At first, I turned more and more to meditation just to center myself and calm my stressed-out, terrified nervous system. The Universe doesn’t seem to care WHY we come, just that we come, and in no time I was having mind-blowing experiences, meeting guides who seem to be there to teach me and answer questions – or set me on a path to get my own answers. There are visitations from dead ancestors, I’ve been taken on journeys where I could see my physical body being left behind. (I’d never heard of Shamanic Journeys until I Googled what had just happened to me and found out they’re a thing!)

    I get it, Lottie. The connections available are beyond imagining and the ways of connecting, dousing, meditation, crystals, drumming, chanting, seem bountiful and endless. The Universe will meet us however we’re willing to get there. Keep sharing your amazing truths and experiences. We are supported in this realm of spiritual discovery right now and throughout 2022 by the configuration of the planets. It seems now is the time to connect to energies and forces beyond the tangible world we live in. What a time to be alive!

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    1. This makes me SO happy!!! You understand Sherry and I know you don’t think that I’m nuts or whoo whoo. It’s real, oh so real and it’s beyond exciting. I’ve not have your experience, not exactly but I’ve had something else in meditation. The dowsing is something that thrills me because I’m tuned in to Mother Earth and can ‘talk’ to her. Now I admit, that probably does sound nuts but wait till you can ask an oak tree it’s age and feel it’s aura … and many many other things – it’s out there , over the moon, round the galaxy and up through the Cosmos special 🙏🥰🙏
      And you’re absolutely right, this is a hugely important time when we are being asked to wake Up and we are being given all these gifts of awareness to tap in and to hear the messages and lift the vibrations up up up because we must. I drawn to this years ago but convention and social conditioning said NO! It’s rubbish leave well alone but it’s not. It’s The Truth and I know which side Im on now and I know you know too. You only have to look around and see the state of the world, the disparity between rich and poor, the hideousness of capitalism, climate change, animal extinction … I needn’t go on – the facts speak for themselves. I’m asking people to give this a go because I know once they can connect they will never look back and they will be so much happier because of it and so will Gaia. It is an extraordinary and exciting time to be alive for sure! Thank you, Sherry !

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  2. Dear Lottie, you are indeed beyond excited. It is all so very interesting and one of learning and of discovering wonderous connections to the universe. I have always been intrigued by anyone that could actually douse. In my young years on the farm, my parents were acquainted with a douser who earned a little bit of extra income as a douser as he applied his skills to aid farmers and small towners in their quest for underground water. I am not certain about learning how to meditate and how to douse at my advanced age, but I take great delight reading about your keen enthusiasm and lovely discoveries of connecting to what lies below. I look forward to more posts about meditating and dousing.

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    1. Dear yvonne, my apologies for being so tardy repsonding to your lovely and enthusiastic comment, it’s been a busy week and i’ve been distracted, I’m sorry. I always love hearing from you so I feel especially bad.

      Anyone can dowse!! I promise you, it’s something that we can all do. The secret is to stick with it and keep practicing and then you will start to engage more and more with the energies. It’s really quite wonderful but then I guess that things like this truly excite and delight me. Some people might think that going to a big shopping mall was something more fun perhaps but each to their own!!

      Meditation is something that I think you would very much enjoy and benefit from. Age is just a number, you are never too old to start or try anything. In fact meditation might actually we easier as we get on in our years because we are more inclined to want to sit and be still and not to rush around. There are all kinds of meditation and some will produce some quite out there experiences but if you want something just very gentle and relaxing, there are many guided meditations that you can find online and they are very relaxing and pleasant to listen to. But no pressure, you must do what you feel drawn to and don’t feel you have to do anything. I’m a great believer that things come to us when we are ready for them or when we are meant to have them.

      The dowsing that really interests me is when I can feel the Earth energies, I love dowsing for water but it’s the energies and their manifestions that fascinate me. YouTUbe is a wonderful resource for learning and there are literally hundreds of videos that we can watch with all sorts of information. I’m sure you would be very good at dowsing bevause you are sensitive .
      Sending you much love dear Yvonne and thank you for your thoughts on this post, i’m very happy that you enjoyed reading it xxxx

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