About Lottie

This blog started its life in Indonesia shortly after Pete and I moved to Jakarta in 2011. Finding myself at a loose end, with long days to fill and no family or friends to play with within a seven thousand mile radius I needed an outlet for my energies. It was Pete’s suggestion that I should start writing a blog and as it turned out, it wasn’t such a bad idea. There was plenty to write about and I found it helped to keep me sane because at times living in Jakarta made me want to hurl myself off the balcony. Fortunately a sense of humour and copious amounts of Bintang kept me from topping myself and by the time we left in 2013 I’d almost grown to love the place.

From the sublime to the ridiculous or should it be the other way round? We moved from a traffic island in the centre of Jakarta to a tumble down house deep in the olive groves of rural Spain. Two years down the line and we have now finished the renovation on our finca and are about to embark on a much larger project in the local town.

Atelier 88 is currently little more than a pile of stones; a dilapidated building crying out for love and restoration. By Spring 2016 we hope to have our residential Art school and Bed & Breakfast up and running. We’ve waited months for planning permission and now finally we can begin our long awaited project and start work on transforming the house in to a place where people can come and learn or improve their printmaking and painting skills while enjoying the beautiful surroundings and climate of Southern Spain. Our aim is to make our guests experience at Atelier 88 fun and enjoyable. Somewhere special that they will want to return to again and again.

When I changed the title of this blog from ‘An Account Of My Life In Indonesia’ to ‘The Rioja Diaries’, a friend said that it made me sound like a raving alcoholic. I’m not an alcoholic but I am VERY fond of Rioja therefore there is every likelihood that some of these posts will have been written under the influence of the odd vino tinto. Anyway, that’s for me to know, and you to wonder at. I hope that you enjoy reading my stories about Indonesia and of course our new adventures in Andalucia.

Lottie Nevin. September 2015.